Have a ‘Cracking’ Day – Easter Egg Inside

For all the readers and Contapp users around the world, we’re wishing you a very Happy Easter and hope you have an egg-cellent long bank holiday. 

Most of us all deserve a break after the hustle and bustle of 2021 so far. Good things are coming and it’s important to maintain a positive mindset. 

Plus, with Easter now upon us, it’s a perfect excuse to go overboard and eat as much chocolate as possible this weekend.

The Hidden Easter Egg

Not exactly an easter egg hunt, but something more rewarding. As you’ve taken time to click and read this article, you deserve something exclusive from the team.

We’re giving you the opportunity to benefit from our most inclusive premium plan, for life. That means no regular subscription fees. Yes, really! 

You can register for our Early Adopters Programme and find out more by clicking here. This programme will launch at the same time as the Contapp | Orca 3.0 app update.

Join our startup journey and be part of an exclusive group of business-minded individuals. Help shape the future of our business tool and grow with Contapp.

Contapp | Orca 3.0 Update – Coming Soon

Our biggest and most innovative app update is it’s testing phase, almost ready to launch. This software update will introduce unique features, extra security, more streamlined features and more. 

Follow us on our social media pages to keep up to date on what’s to come: LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

The current Contapp business app is available to use and download for free on iOS and Android today.

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