Contapp Founder Wins ‘Most Influential Business Identity CEO UK 2023’ Award

With all the hard work put in to grow our bootstrapped tech startup, our Founder Giuseppe Milazzo has proudly won the ‘Most Influential Business Identity CEO UK 2023’ CEO Monthly Award, from a large pool of top CEOs in the UK.

Giuseppe continues to say:
“This award is a HUGE honour for me as I wave the flag for all bootstrapped solopreneurs globally as we continue to provide value with the platform we’ve organically grown at Contapp.

I’m so proud of Contapp’s recognition as a trusted brand, for making a positive impact on businesses, the environment and professionals across all industries.

This award is for everyone associate with Contapp, with a special mention to our users that have helped us along our startup journey from the very start.”


You can find out more about this award here.