How to Add Your Contapp Business Card to Your Email Signature

We all send a lot of emails. In fact, over 306 billion emails are sent every single day. Now that’s a busy inbox!

With all of these emails going out every day, we feel it’s important to help the professionals you’re contacting to easily save your details on their smartphones. 

Thanks to our user feedback and the team, we’ve made this possible with a simple tap.

Share Your Business Card in Every Email

It’s now possible to attach your Contapp business card to your email signature, allowing people to save your details directly to their library via mobile. 

Better yet, we’ve created a cool footer icon to add to your existing email signature, plus a simple guide on how you can take advantage of this now.

You never have to worry about forgetting or manually typing out all of your contact information.

How to Add Your Business Card to Your Email Footer

  1. Download the Contapp email signature icon on desktop here.
  1. Open Contapp and go to ‘My Card’ – make sure you’ve already created your Contapp business card
  1. Click ‘Share’ and select ‘Social’ – send your business card to your email address
  1. When you receive the email, copy the last link in the message (‘Save card directly into Contapp library’)
  1. Go to your email signature settings in your email provider and add the Contapp email signature icon. Resize it if you need to.
  1. Hyperlink the icon with the link you’ve just copied and then save.

There you go, easy!

Now every time you send an email to someone, you’ll automatically be able to share your business card with them as well.

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