4 Free Tech Tools That You Should Use For Your Job Search

Job searching can be an anxiety-inducing experience, and can take a mental and physical toll on you. These free tools will help in surviving the job search market and having a self-rewarding mentality to build a safety net for better peace of mind. We also recommended switching up your strategy and planning ahead.

One of the best strategies is taking advantage of the digital age and numerous tech tools available, which can streamline your job search process. Intrigued? Here are four tech tools that you should check out.


Recruiters no longer need to spend hours checking applications when AI can do the job for them. For the applicant, however, this means that resumes must be more carefully crafted. ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel says resumes should avoid standing out. Instead, applicants should keep resumes machine-readable with quantitative sentences and no special characters.

Of the many resume-building tools on the Internet, Resume.com stands out for its variation of templates based on professionally-approved designs. This makes it easy to use, even for beginners, and many users have reported consistent success in securing interviews and new positions.


Networking is necessary in today’s world to get a job. Networking tips from LHH outline that as much as 70% of jobs are not advertised, and are instead filled by word of mouth. That’s why it’s important to approach people with a clear goal in mind. This helps you show your authentic self while still putting your best foot forward.

Networking can be different online. Cold messaging, especially on established professional sites such as LinkedIn, is a skill many build over time. It should be noted that it doesn’t always prove to be fruitful, however, as LinkedIn users may be on the platform for various reasons.

That is why developers created social networking app Shapr as a platform specifically designed to connect professionals. They currently have 2.5 million users worldwide, all excited and willing to connect. Every interaction is positioned to be a mutually beneficial conversation, and users can even use their LinkedIn profile to sign up and get started.


Whether you are networking online or in person, a business card is a key tool in your arsenal. This is the fastest way to professionally communicate your brand and contact information, which can help make a favourable first impression.

However, business cards can be expensive and usually only used by businesses. But things have changed, that’s down to Contapp’s app. To improve your personal brand, you can have your very own digital business card, all thanks to Contapp’s all-in-one business card solution. Plus, it’s free.

In the digital age, 88% of paper business cards are thrown away within a week. That’s why digital business cards are on the rise. Our digitally utilised business cards are a convenient and sustainable way to carry and share your contact details on any messaging platform from LinkedIn, email, or the aforementioned Shapr. They’re also more hygienic and cost-efficient as well.

Download Contapp today for free on iOS & Android, to start benefiting from your very own digital business card immediately.

Google Alerts

Job seekers often find it daunting when faced with the prospect of how vast internet traffic is. This can make it difficult to find the right job vacancy or even stand out among the crowd of applicants. Thankfully, the Internet can help you speed up your search process through tools like Google Alerts.

This content change detection and notification service can email users when an employer posts a job opening online. Users can add specific keywords like different company names too. Tracking your own online reputation with Google Alerts is also possible. This can help job seekers improve their digital image to better impress employers. Make sure to click “Only the best results” in the settings to protect yourself from spam.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your arsenal of tools to find out what best works for you and your desired industry. When you use technology to your advantage, finding a job will be easier done in the digital age.