New Feature: Create Your Contapp Account for Instant Cloud Features

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve lost or smashed our smartphone, which means you can’t access apps or data.

With our new sign-in/out account, you can access all your business cards and Contapp account from any smartphone, just by signing back in. Using our new Cloud servers, all data is synchronized every day to ensure your important data is backed up securely.

Create Your Contapp Account

Whether you’re an existing Contapp user or a new user, you can benefit from this feature immediately.

If you’re an existing Contapp user prior to the Orca 3.0 update, create your Contapp account and all your data will automatically save across to the new Cloud servers. Please make sure you do this before June 23rd 2021 to avoid any loss of data.

If you’re a new Contapp user, simply create your Contapp account and all data will be saved to our secure Cloud servers from that point onwards.

Social Login/Sign-up

You can create an account or sign-in via a number of different social login methods, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google/Apple. 

Alternatively, you can create an account and sign-in via the Contapp platform itself. Just add your name, email address and a secure password. You can change all these details within the app after signing in.

If you enable biometric login, you can access your Contapp account via Fingerprint/Face ID for added convenience and security.

Ready to Try Contapp?

Create your Contapp account for free today by downloading the app for iOS & Android.

Discover a better, more convenient and sustainable way of digitally managing business cards for professionals in every industry.

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