New Feature: Biometric Login for Maximum Data Security

We completely understand that the data in your Contapp account includes lots of personal information from people you’ve met. You don’t want that getting into the wrong hands. Neither do we.

To make the security of your Contapp account even more secure, we’ve added the option to have biometric login to access your business cards within the app.

What is Biometric Login?

Biometric ID entry is when you can access the Contapp app by using fingerprint ID or face recognition. This is one of the most secure ways of keeping your data safe and out of reach from unwanted people. 

How to Activate Biometric ID

To activate this for your Contapp account, simply download Contapp and a pop-up will appear once you sign-in or create your account. 

If you would like to disable or activate it at a later date, logout of Contapp and once you sign back in, the popup will appear again.

We highly recommend you activate this to ensure extreme security of all your data within the Contapp app.

Ready to Try Contapp?

Download Contapp for free on iOS & Android to experience the most secure digital solution to saving and managing your business cards.

Contapp is a more convenient, secure and sustainable way of using business cards for professionals in every industry, globally.

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