Contapp Partners with the Ambition Growth Network

It’s fair to say that the global pandemic we’ve all experienced in the last year has changed networking events for the foreseeable future. Virtual networking has skyrocketed, however face-to-face networking events are slowly making a comeback. 

Which leads us to our latest partnership which has really got us excited. We’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with Ambition Growth Networking!

What This Partnership Means

Virtual and face-to-face networking events run by the Ambition Growth team will allow attendees to use Contapp as their dedicated business tool for managing, sharing and using business cards at their events. 

The Contapp app will function as their digital business card, which can be simply sent to an individual’s Contapp library, or set to multiple people at one time. Attendees will no longer need to bring printed business cards to the event or carry piles of cards back to the office. Simple and streamlined. Exactly how business processes should be!

Together, Contapp and Ambition Growth Networking are helping to reduce paper waste and the inconvenience of printed business cards at networking events. This is a step forward to innovating networking events in a post-COVID world, whilst improving sustainability in business.

About Ambition Growth Network

Ambition Growth Network is a business support and referral network that provides ongoing support for businesses.

Their exclusive members-only environment will be a hub of ambitious & highly driven entrepreneurs that want to scale and optimise their businesses, whilst supporting others at the same time.

As part of your membership, you’ll have access to our private group where we will carry out weekly tasks on how to grow your business. Some of the things you can expect each month are accountability, weekly mastermind sessions, power hours, Q&A’s, emotional support and motivated learning to grow your business, plus more.

Find out more about Ambition Growth Network here.

Experience Better, Sustainable Networking

To experience simplified, streamlined business card management in today’s digital world, download Contapp for free today on iOS & Android.

As an Ambition Growth Network member, create your digital business card manually or scan your existing printed business card via the Contapp app, so that you’re ready to start networking.

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