Contapp Founder & CEO - The Real Reasons Why I Started Contapp

Founder: “The Real Reasons Why I Started Contapp”

Let me start my story by telling you where I am today: My name is Giuseppe Milazzo, the Founder & CEO of Contapp. I’m currently on a startup journey to building a mobile app for a much-needed solution; to organise business cards efficiently and reducing paper waste.

Contapp is a smart and convenient business tool to digitally utilise business cards, helping users achieve maximum productivity whilst becoming more sustainable. Our unique features and exciting roadmap, paves the way for Contapp to become more than just a business card managing app. We aim to become the complete personal business hub for business-minded professionals.

The Problems

Lack of management

I found that conventional paper business cards were the bane of people’s lives in business as they were being lost, damaged or not being used to their full potential.

Not only were they taking over my desk and bags, but most of them were forgotten about or thrown away the next day. Come to think of it, some of them I didn’t even remember where or who gave it to me.

Hard to find the right person

I found it painful to find the right contact in my huge bundle of business cards. If I was searching for all the contacts in a particular industry or job title in my business card collection, that would be a painfully long process as well.

With paper business cards, there is no easy or quick solution, you have to manually search through each individual card. It’s especially hard when you have so many cards hidden in various places.

It’s a manual process

When I eventually found the right business cards, i’d have to manually type their email address or phone number to contact them (assuming I was 100% sure that this was the right person).

We’re busy and can’t afford to do this. Especially if we have a large number of people to contact off the back of business cards you received from a recent networking event.

So much paper waste

I’ve already mentioned how most business cards accumulated over the years have either been damaged, lost or thrown at the back of cupboards. The amount of paper waste generated from this is scary.

10 billion business cards are printed every year, but 88% of them are thrown away within a week of receiving them.

It’s a global issue and business cards are handed out everywhere, at every opportunity. Which means more are being printed and then thrown away.

So I asked myself, surely there is a better way of managing and maximising the potential of my large collection of business cards? At the same time, can the solution help save the planet?

Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

The Solutions

Everything you wished your business card could do

There is very little you can do with paper business cards, mainly because it is just a piece of paper. With the Contapp app, that changes business cards into fully functioning digital profiles. It’s the perfect solution to maximise the use of business cards in the digital age.

If you haven’t already got a business card, you can create a digital version for free via the app, saving you money and time. Add information there that you can’t find on conventional paper business cards, such as social media links, profile picture, notes and more.

No need for paper business cards

You can transform all your paper business cards into interactive digital business cards, within seconds. Now they’re saved digitally, you can finally recycle your hoard of paper business cards. Scan, save and share. It’s that simple.

Contact people directly from the app, saving you time from inputting information manually. Tap and contact people immediately.

‘I remember you’

The point I made earlier about forgetting where I met some people who gave me their business card… I introduced a unique feature where you can save the location of where you met someone, as it is integrated with Google Maps. No more embarrassing or confusing moments.

The unique ‘Save Location’ feature – Google Maps Integration

Convenient management

The user-friendly interface brings a smooth scroll feature to look through your intelligent library. You can easily manage your collection using the quick search & filter functions, meaning you can search by keyword or via information field, such as job title.

Carrying 1,000+ business cards and accessing them at your fingertips has never been easier to organise.

Hygenic way to share details

With what’s been happening around the world with COVID-19, people are more inclined to do things contactless. That should also be the case for exchanging business cards. Contapp allows you to contactlessly share business cards with a simple swipe, using proximity technology or via platforms such as messaging apps & social media.

Save the planet

The statistic mentioned earlier raises many alarm bells. Not only does this mean that potential business is being lost within a week, but the amount of paper waste this generates is very worrying.

Over 7.2 million trees can be saved every year if people switched from printed business cards to Contapp

We only have one planet, so we must do everything we can to protect it together. As a company, our vision is to be the solution that reduces paper waste in business environments, through maximising the use of business cards in the digital age. Do your bit to reduce paper waste and choose a digital way of managing & utilising business cards.


Yes, paper business cards are widely used, but does that mean we can’t make better use of them, either by managing them or/and using them digitally? Boost your productivity and networking efforts by managing your collection conveniently via the Contapp app. Not only are you making your life easier and organising your contacts better, but you are also doing your bit to save the planet as well.

Contapp’s roadmap includes powerful features in upcoming updates, bringing extra value to our global user base. One of the biggest introductions to take Contapp to the next level is to build a web CRM platform that will include streamlined integrations with leading softwares.

Contact us to find out more about what we’ve got planned in upcoming updates.

Ready to join the journey?

Join us on our journey and help improve the way we digitally utilise business cards, in a more convenient and sustainable way.  Download Contapp for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.

Available to download for free on all iOS & Android devices


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