All Contapp Users are on Cloud 9

We believe in giving all of our users the best functionalities that they require the most. Secure cloud backup is one of those crucial features. 

Unfortunately, cloud backup is something our competitors only offer to their premium users. Not us though. Cloud backup is as standard for free and premium Contapp users. Hooray!

The Importance of 24/7, Secure Cloud Backup

When you have a large collection of business cards saved in your smartphone via an app, you don’t want all of that data to go missing. Whether you smash or lose your phone, accidentally delete the app or a glitch happens, it’s crucial you don’t lose any business cards. 

With the introduction of Cloud Backup for Contapp users, if you ever lose your smartphone, re-download Contapp and sign-in to your account. Then you will find your account and entire  library of saved business cards, as it was before.

Automatic Synchronisation

You might think it’s difficult to back-up your entire business card library via Contapp. But it’s easy. In fact, you don’t have to do anything because our platform synchronizes the data automatically. Everytime you log into Contapp, your library will have already backed itself up.

It also means you have updated 24/7 access to your business card library, anywhere, anytime. Now you never have to worry about forgetting someone’s business card in the office.

Secure as Ever

We value the security of your data as an absolute priority. Which is why we go beyond the call of duty to make sure our data storing methods are extremely secure, plus extra security features from a users perspective. This includes sign-in/out pages, plus the option for biometric login.

All your business card library data is saved in a separate server in encrypted format, so that no one can access any personal details. 

For extra peace of mind, you can manually export your entire library or a group, as a CSV file from the app. However, the import/export as CSV file feature is only available for premium users.

Ready to Try Contapp?

Download Contapp for free on iOS & Android to experience the most secure digital solution to saving and managing your business cards.

Contapp is a more convenient, secure and sustainable way of using business cards for professionals in every industry, globally.

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