6 Positives About Returning to the Office

After a year of working from home and having ‘Zoom fatigue’, a lot of us are looking forward to getting back into the office routine. I mean, there’s only so much working in your pyjamas and endless Zoom calls you can take, right?

In the UK, 23.9 million people that have been working from home are saving around £1.1 billion each week between them

Some entrepreneurs have shared their reasons on why they’re looking forward to getting back to the office.

Being at home is too distracting

There’s a lot of things at home that can distract you from your work. Children, pets, deliveries, small ‘out of office’ tasks, TV, the doorbell… the list is endless. Many of us will experience at least one of these, every day from working at home.

When you’re in an office environment, there’s a lot less distractions that will affect your working time. We tend to be in that working frame of mind when we’re in the office and think about other things once we return home.

Working in a team is easier

Softwares such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack are all incredible programmes to collaborate within your team. However, when working face-to-face with co-workers, work gets done quicker and decisions are made easier.

Being in the same room as your team allows things to move faster, which means projects get completed quicker and more efficiently. Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of us have Zoom fatigues, which means that video calls aren’t as efficient as they first were at the start of lockdown.

Having the option of flexible working hours

After lockdown, the opportunity for flexible working hours will be a lot more apparent to business owners to allow their staff to work in the office and have the option to work from home as well.

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that the majority of businesses can work remotely, due to platforms such as Contapp, Slack, Zoom, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. 

The beauty of Contapp during a time where we can’t meet face-to-face is that you can still share business cards remotely, via any platform. Contactless management of all your business cards, allowing you to exchange business cards without physical interaction, is vital in today’s digital world.

It’s nice to dress up in office attire

We mentioned earlier that many of us slack a bit more when it comes to getting ready and dressing appropriately for ‘work’. However, because many people are not on video calls, it doesn’t matter what you wear around the house. Some people even get their top half changed into ‘formal’ attire, just for video calls. 

It may sound strange, but getting fully dressed into office attire actually helps your working mentality and gets you into the ‘work’ frame of mind. After a year of not being able to go anywhere, it will be good to swap the pyjamas & tracksuits for the suits and dresses, ready for office work. 

Better resources at the office

Whether it’s better WIFI, working space or office equipment, it can sometimes be a challenge working from home compared to the office. For example, if you have bad WIFI at home and you’re forced to do Zoom calls every day, then you’ll find that very frustrating.

In an office, you have everything you need to work efficiently. Whereas at home, you may not have the luxury of all the tech, space and resources you may find back at the office.

One thing to consider is that a lot of people keep all their business cards in a drawer in the office. Their own ones that they hand out and also the business cards they’ve collected over the years. With Contapp, you’re able to manage, store and save all of them via your smartphone, completely for free. It’s a lot more convenient, compared to forgetting valuable information back at the office. 

It’s nice to see co-workers and have a change of environment

Working from home can be lonely at times and one thing about working in an office is that you get to talk to people daily, face-to-face. After the year we’ve had, it’s great to get back in the swing of things and communicate with co-workers properly, rather than through a screen.

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