Talkin’ Solutions Podcast: How Networking Can Be Made Simple & Sustainable

Professionals globally prioritise convenience and simplicity when it comes to their work processes. Businesses are now beginning to understand the value of sustainability. 

Bearing this in mind and everything we’re building at Contapp, it was a perfect time to be a guest on the Talkin’ Solutions Podcast.

Hosted by William Cheshier over in America, this is a fantastic platform to share what we’re doing at Contapp. Conveniently, Contapp involves everything this podcast is all about. We loved being part of this episode to hopefully inspire entrepreneurs around the world to opt for our sustainable startup as part of their digital toolbox.

What you can expect from this Talkin’ Solutions Podcast episode:

  • How Contapp got started and the challenges of a startup during the pandemic
  • Why the networking industry has fallen behind in innovation
  • What Contapp offers users and how it enhances their ability to create more meaningful professional connections
  • The historic wastefulness of printed business cards and networking events and how Contapp solves this problem
  • The overall importance and movement of being more digitally sustainable
  • How Contapp plans to revolutionize the future of networking

Listen to the podcast here on Spotify and all leading platforms, including Youtube (below).

Watch our episode on the Talkin’ Solutions Podcast via Youtube

About Talkin’ Solutions Podcast

A weekly show highlighting social entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, employees, and more who are providing solutions to some of society’s problems. 

Learn about how their solution will help solve a societal problem and what inspired them to get into social entrepreneurship.

William Cheshier hosts the show and brings his professional broadcasting experience to the podcast world. An entrepreneur himself, Will hopes this podcast brings positivity to the table and inspires people to talk about solutions and not dwell on the problems.

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