Is Your SaaS Business Becoming More Customer Success Driven?

The technology industry has seen a huge surge in the last 2 years and it’s no surprise why. In a world where we are more connected than ever with lightning speed internet and instant mobile access, technology always wins. 

If a global pandemic happened in 2010, the technology of then would have probably struggled to keep up with remote working, or even online shopping and streaming services.

Thankfully, technology is now more advanced than ever and that has been shown with SaaS businesses.

SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’, it’s a software distribution model in which a service provider hosts applications for customers and makes them available to these customers via the internet. CRM platforms are a very popular example of a SaaS software.

SaaS Definition

Recently, it has been especially positive for SaaS businesses. More office teams are working remotely, which means businesses needed to adopt collaboration and Cloud-based tools, such as a CRM. This has only accelerated the need for these tools, helping businesses around the world to continue working as if they were in the office. 

As these SaaS businesses have changed their approach since the pandemic, it will be interesting to see how they change again for future improvements.

Be More Customer Success Driven

SaaS such as CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is found in almost every sales business in every industry. If it’s not part of your software at your business, it really is worth looking into.

It can make a huge difference to the growth and retention of your customer base. When your customers are happy and growing with the services/products you’re providing, that’s a big win.

CRM platforms are there to help teams focus on customers and to maintain pinpoint communication with them, throughout their buying journey.

However, it doesn’t matter what technology or platform you use, success comes from focusing on a customer-centric approach. This is the main reason why sales professionals have been evolving and focusing more on customer relationship success. 

Being a customer centric tech startup is something that we are very proud to adopt from the early stages at Contapp and we will continue to do this for the rest of time. 

Happy Customers = Success

The idea is to support teams to develop more meaningful customer relationships and treating each customer as an individual. Having this personalised approach will lead to better results because each customer has their individuals needs and desires. 

From a customers point of view, this is something that would create a lot of loyalty between them and your business. It will also create a sense of the customer feeling like they’re really looked after, rather than just a number in your database. 

In a nutshell, focus on making your customers happy on an individual basis, rather than trying to please everyone with one solution. The results will follow and you will create a lot of brand loyalty amongst your customers, which is a huge benefit. If you won’t make them happy, your competition certainly will.

Users and Customers First

At Contapp, we have built our platform based on user feedback and we encourage all of our users to give us feedback to develop our platform further.

As a bootstrapped tech startup, we are always open to opportunities to work closely with our users. Everything we do at Contapp is done by adding value to users, whilst helping reduce paper waste globally. 

We are proud to be a customer centric tech startup and we appreciate everyone who has joined our journey so far. Although we’re still early on in our startup journey, we have an extremely exciting roadmap ahead which we can’t wait to share with all of our users.

Our Transition Into a Freemium Model SaaS

Part of Contapp’s exciting roadmap was to introduce affordable subscription plans and innovative features to our existing mobile app. That time has arrived, as you can see from our affordable pricing plans here.

We have a feature-rich free plan available for all users. For those that want more than just the basics, we’ve also included premium plans from just £1.33* per month, per user.

Contapp is most likely the most value for money business tool you’ll find in the App Store.

You can download and use Contapp for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store right now.

*£15.99 +VAT for the year, paid up front