How to Easily Save Business Card Data into a Spreadsheet Automatically

You may have heard this before but data is king. Being able to capture data and easily use it across multiple platforms is one of the biggest benefits for a business.

However, business card data is one of the most longwinded and difficult pieces of data to save digitally. This is because that data is printed on paper, which means a lot of tedious manual typing. 

Digitally Save Printed Business Cards via Contapp

Our team realised that saving contact information from a printed business card was one of the biggest frustrations for professionals when networking. 

No one wants to attend events, collect a huge pile of business cards and then manually type in every bit of information from paper to desktop. So we’ve made this process simple and streamlined.

With Contapp, users can scan a printed business card and save it digitally into our user-friendly library in-app. From there, you can contact people directly from their business cards with a simple tap. Management becomes super easy with intuitive search & filter functionalities.

This means all those scrap pieces of business cards can be recycled. Not to worry, all your business cards are securely backed up via the Cloud in Contapp (free & premium users).

Importing/Exporting Business Card Data as a CSV File from Contapp

Being able to streamline the way you use data is crucial for businesses. 

Whether you’re using that contact information for a CRM, email marketing or for your own database, it has to be quick & simple.

Luckily, our flexible platform allows you to easily import/export business card data that you’ve collected as a CSV file (or a spreadsheet if you’re not familiar with the term CSV file). 

If you’re currently a Professional Plan or Enterprise Plan user for Contapp, the import/export feature is available for you to use today. 

Here’s how to export contacts from Contapp to a CSV file:

  • Login to Contapp
  • Click the side menu icon (top left) and click Import/Export
  • Click the Export tab and select the group you want to export. Groups can be created in My Library or you can select all contacts.
  • Enter the file name you want to call this exported file.
  • Click export and you should see the CSV file being downloaded.

Here’s how to import contacts from a CSV file to Contapp:

Firstly, we highly recommend that you download this template if you wanted to import contact information into Contapp. Please only fill in the green fields and leave the red fields.

This will ensure all data is in the correct fields for the information to display correctly as business cards in Contapp.

Once the spreadsheet is completed and you’re ready to import it into Contapp, please follow these steps:

  • Login to Contapp
  • Click the side menu icon (top left) and click Import/Export
  • Click the Import tab and select the file you want to import. Make sure the file is searchable on your device.
  • Select the group you want to import the contacts to.
  • Click import and then visit your library. You should see the imported contacts in your library, displayed as business cards.

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