Exclusive: Ready for the Exciting Octopus 4.0 App Update?

Contapp users, it’s time to get excited as the latest software update we’ve been working on for many months, has now been announced and will be coming soon.

Introducing the Octopus 4.0 update which will see our most game-changing software update yet. For the first time, users will have the opportunity to benefit from our newly added integrations in-app.

This update has a strong focus on how our users can securely capture data and directly use that information with other software they’re currently using.

The launch date is yet to be confirmed. Follow us on social media to be the first to know.

What’s New in Octopus 4.0?

Well, we can’t say too much at this stage as we’ll be releasing full details closer to launch. However, we can mention a few things that have been highlighted in the upcoming Octopus 4.0 update.

Integrations to be Introduced In-app

The one you’ve all been waiting for. We’ll finally be adding an integrations page into the Contapp app which will allow you to get the most out of the platforms you use. 

In the early stages, we will have Google Maps and a UK based CRM platform called SET CRM listed on our integrations page. But there will be lots more to follow.

This page will continuously be updated with new integrations you can use with Contapp, plus users have the opportunity to request integrations as well.

More Secure to Meet GDPR Compliance

We’ve added additional stringent GDPR practices to make our platform and user data more secure than ever. This also includes allowing the user to manually delete their account and data in-app. 

Data continues to be securely saved and transferred in encrypted form, as well as biometric login to provide maximum security.

General Bug Fixes & UI Amendments

Picking up from user feedback which highlighted some minor bugs, these have been fixed. 

In terms of the UI, we have amended some front facing screens due to the introduction of the new integrations page. For the most part, everything else looks similar to before.

Download Contapp Today

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