A Merry Christmas Message from Our Founder

First of all, as the Founder of Contapp, I would personally like to wish all of our loyal users a very Merry Christmas

2021 has continued to be a strange year for everyone, highs and lows. However, Christmas is a time where we should all celebrate with our friends and family (being COVID safe).

Although there’s still a week left until 2022, we want to really push hard for the final week of the year. 

Contapp App Update Coming Soon

As you may already know, our innovative team has been working tirelessly to continuously add more features & amendments to our platform, to benefit our users experience.

Without letting the cat out of the bag too early, there’s lots of exciting things to come from Contapp and our users. Things we’re working on at the moment includes integrations (more details coming in the new year), easily save data for desktop users, additional sharing capabilities and lots more.

All will be revealed soon, just keep a very close eye on our social media pages where we will keep you all up to date on update releases.

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Keeping Productive Over Christmas 

If you’re still in work mode and wondering what to do over Christmas once you’ve filled yourself up with Christmas dinner, we have an idea. 

How about turning all your printer business cards into digital profiles? It won’t take up much of your time, but you’ll thank yourself later once the festive period is over.

If you want to stay productive over Christmas, download Contapp for free in the Google Play & Apple App Store

We’re Available to Help Over Christmas

If you have any questions about Contapp or our roadmap coming into 2022, please contact our team via our social media pages and they will be more than happy to help during the festive period.

Until then, have a fantastic day celebrating Christmas and we’re wishing you all the best for the remainder of the year.

Kind Regards,

Giuseppe MilazzoFounder of Contapp