5 Easy Tips on Becoming a Greener Business

(Guest blog written by Startups of London)

Going green and becoming a more eco-friendly business has gained significance contemporarily. A third of all global consumers seek to buy from brands that contribute to a greener environment. 

At the very least, sustainability and reducing carbon footprint should become a priority for many businesses. So this article will discuss how your business can target a greener operational plan.

Prepare a Remote Working Schedule

We had a roller-coaster of a year thanks to COVID-19. However, it also taught us an unexpected lesson. Businesses can help the environment and go greener by adopting remote working schedules. 

In the UK, the average commuting time is more than an hour, and much of that time consists of spending time in traffic, doing nothing. So you can save time and energy and reduce your carbon footprint by remote working. 

A remote working plan causes less fuel burning, thus affecting the air quality and our reliance on fossil fuels. Furthermore, becoming more digital dependent with increased hybrid working decreases office supply use.

Last but not least, the energy consumption in offices is almost twice as much, which means by going remote you can also reduce power consumption.

However, it’s beneficial to note that while working at home, individuals must be more conscious. They need to be aware of the energy used for various commodities and ensure that the source is clean or renewable.

Save Money & Go Paperless at Every Opportunity

Becoming a paperless business is one of the most effective actions you can take to become more eco-friendly. If we look at it from an environmental point of view, the list of benefits of going paperless is endless. Paper manufacturing contributes heavily to pollution; you’ll save trees and reduce the unstoppable waste of paper each year.

It’s not only a critical environmental step, but it’s also an efficient business operation. By converting your documents to digital, you can manage them and secure them more effectively, and you save money. 

By switching to Contapp, you can save on printing costs and up to 7.2 million trees per year. With premium plans from just £1.33 per month per user, it’s an incredibly low investment for such a high return.

However, keep in mind that going paperless doesn’t necessarily mean your business is greener. So be careful with your choices, do your research and learn if your choice contributes to the e-waste problem.

Use Eco-friendly & Recycled Products in the Office

By simply making minor and concrete adjustments to your office supplies, you can create a more eco-friendly environment in your business. Tons of office supplies are environmentally friendly. 

Take Contapp, for example. You can keep your business cards in Contapp and export your library onto the desktop for marketing purposes and recycle unnecessary business cards by saving them digitally.

Green product options are endless, and you can almost find a replacement for any office supply. Try to find post-consumer content products that are recycled from previous supplies. Be mindful of obvious, non-environment-friendly items such as rubber bands. 

Partner with Businesses that Support Sustainability

The world is changing, and many businesses are paving the way for a greener environment. You can be a part of this change by partnering with companies like Contapp to support a sustainable environment. 

By expanding your green business partnership portfolio, you’ll also give an impression to your customers that you aim for and support sustainability. You’ll create an image that you are serious about going greener, which your customers will receive highly positively.

Contapp are always working to build a community of green conscious partners, such as their one with Klyk.

If you’d like to be part of their growing eco-friendly partnership, contact them here.

Calculate Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

With the rise in focus on environmental issues, the governments signal possible policies that will encourage the reduction of carbon footprint. For example, the UK government’s Planet ‘Business Climate Leaders’ campaign encourages businesses to be mindful of their effects on current environmental problems.

Make some sacrifices on your product for sustainability if possible. If your product stands alone as a greener one, it will positively impact the way people view your company as an eco-conscious business, which could improve sales.


Going greener is the inevitable future. You can explore many options to be a more environmentally friendly business and choose the one that fits your product and your business plan the best.

Rather than doing it alone, think of ways to collaborate and partner with brands, like Contapp, to work towards the overall goal together. It’s a lot better to adopt your corporate social responsibility to save the planet at the early stages of your business, rather than later on.