Why Our Exciting Startup is Recognised as a Sustainable Brand via Our Forest

Sustainability is becoming something many businesses are incorporating into their growth strategies and there are good reasons for it. Not only does it show your audience you care for the planet, but it also improves performance as well.

Being an eco-conscious startup, Contapp is proud to be recognised as a sustainable brand by Our Forest. You can see our profile here.

Customers expectbrands to align with their values. It’s no surprise that 92% of customers want to support brands that are taking positive climate action.

Making a Positive Impact with Contapp

We built our platform to add value to business professionals that network, whilst reducing paper waste globally.

With 10 billion business cards printed every year, 88% are thrown away within a week. If that’s not alarming enough, 7.2 million trees are destroyed every year for business cards alone.

With a growing community of users, we fully support the businesses and individuals switching to Contapp. Not only are you making a positive impact on your working life with effective business card management, but you’re also saving money and the planet.

A simpel sustainability change can have a big impact on your business and contributing to a better planet.

Experience the benefits of Contapp and make the simple switch from printed business cards today for free on iOS & Android.

About Our Forest

Our Forest was created to fight climate change and restore biodiversity by planting trees. Together with their business partners, they’ve planted over 650,000 trees in critical ecosystems around the world. They make it easy to automatically plant a tree with every sale, service, or new subscriber for just $0.33 per tree. 

Learn more about how they can help your business become eco-friendly/ carbon neutral. Together we can grow forests, restore nature, and create a better future for everyone.