Why LinkedIn is the Best Marketing Tool for Business

Social media is one of the most popular marketing tools for obvious reasons. It’s almost certain your target audience is on social media, but it’s about choosing the right social media platform and how you communicate with them.

LinkedIn is the home of marketing in the corporate world. With around 740 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, it’s clear to see why. But how can you make the most of this mega business platform?

We share some ideas on why you should choose LinkedIn as your main marketing tool for your business.

Become a thought leader in your industry

If your LinkedIn profile looks good and you continue to engage with people, you will become popular amongst your network. Being active on LinkedIn means that you’ll be building yourself as a thought leader in your industry. 

This is a great thing to be known for because people will value your views and knowledge, plus it’s always good to educate where you can. 

Over time your connections will look to you for opinions on certain topics relating to you, which opens up new opportunities. This approach will leverage your personal and company brand, whilst helping those around you. You probably won’t notice straight away, but it will be embedded in people’s minds. It’s a great long term tactic which is worth starting now.

Your target audience are on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business platform. Therefore, if your target audience is B2B or B2C (consumers being business-minded individuals), then LinkedIn is perfect. There’s a huge pool of opportunities on LinkedIn and prospects can be found easily, with the right strategy.

Before launching your marketing strategy on LinkedIn, we advise you to make sure your audience is on LinkedIn. If you’re selling a children’s toy, then LinkedIn probably isn’t the best place to advertise. However, if your product/service is based on business people, then it’s the perfect place. 

For example, Contapp is very active on social media because our target audience are all business orientated. 99.9% of people on LinkedIn will use business cards or share their business information. Therefore, almost every user on LinkedIn would benefit from a business tool like Contapp.

Engage with other people’s content

Although LinkedIn is used to accomplish your business related goals, it’s also widely used to build positive relationships. It’s important to engage with peoples content, other than your own. Giving an opinion or sharing knowledge on a particular topic means that you’re opening yourself up to building relationships.

If you only focus on sharing your own content and disregarding other peoples posts, you’ll notice the results will drop. Less people will engage with your content if you decide to only share your content to LinkedIn. 

Build relationships with your target audience

Customers always want to feel special, which should be a priority if you want to maintain high-level customer support. LinkedIn really focuses on individuals rather than companies, which makes LinkedIn a great platform to engage and communicate with customers.

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to help you and your staff to build meaningful connections with others in your industry, as well as potential customers. If you take on this approach, you can identify who’s a good fit to join your team or who will find success using your product/service.

Having the ability to speak to individuals as a human, rather than behind a company name, gives a good impression. It will give customers the peace of mind to engage with your company, thanks to human interaction. It’s good to put a face to the name and this is something that should really be considered when communicating with customers on LinkedIn.

Finding the perfect people

Following on from the previous point, LinkedIn is a great platform to find the right people to either join your team or become a customer. Although this isn’t exactly marketing, it will certainly help build and grow your business. Either growing your customer base or growing your team, LinkedIn is a great option for both.

Over the years, LinkedIn has transformed into a fantastic platform to hire people, but also for job searching. From an individual perspective, your LinkedIn profile acts as your digital CV. However, from a company’s perspective, LinkedIn is a pool of opportunities.

If you’re looking to hire and want to save money on recruitment fees, LinkedIn is a tool that can’t be ignored. You can reach out to candidates who fit with your criteria and start discussing the next steps via direct message. LinkedIn makes it easy to keep track of applicants to decide on who will be the best fit for the job.

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