Why Choosing a Tech Career Can be the Best Decision You Make in 2022

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The goal of many young people is to get a career with positive prospects for the future. As technology continues to grow, more opportunities are being created in this industry. Since the pandemic, tech has been the fastest growing industry.

Financial benefits aren’t the only thing people are opting for a tech based job though. Professionals are looking for options with fringe benefits and academics, more comfortable working conditions, and plenty of opportunities in their career path. For that reason, the tech industry is a tempting target for anyone.

A BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) report says that the market for computer and information technology jobs will grow 13% between 2020 and 2030. More than 660,000 new jobs will be available in the US in the coming years. This is how big the tech industry is projected to grow over the coming years.

The increase in these services will have many benefits for modern society and new generations. The tech industry will dominate future jobs, so in this article, we want to help you understand why choosing a tech career is the best decision you can make. Take a look at the paragraphs below.

Better Salaries than Other Careers

For many years, careers such as medicine, engineering, or law dominated the rankings of the best-paying jobs. However, the numbers have changed a lot in the 21st century.

A US News report has IT managers and digital marketing managers in the top 25 of the best paying jobs. The tech industry has more than 14 roles with salaries greater than $100,000, an incredible number considering all the job openings available for the next few years.

Lower-paying tech jobs still exceed the median salary of American employees. According to Indeed, jobs like UX/UI Designer, Web Developer, Application Analyst, or Database Administrator surpass the average wage in the US, which is $56,000 per year.

For that reason, choosing this career path can be guaranteed to outperform the overall earnings of other occupations.

You Don’t Need a College Degree to Find a Job

Big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon no longer consider a college degree a mandatory requirement to hire staff. This new trend believes that technical skills and critical thinking can be more valuable than a major university diploma.

If you want to start a Bachelor’s Degree, you’re also making the right decision. Universities offer advanced programs and professional resources to improve your performance. However, alternative education is enhancing its reputation and results for each student. These are some of the most popular alternatives to college degrees today:

  • Online Courses: Best-selling tech programs on websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity include top-tier content validated by universities and companies.
  • Coding Bootcamps: These schools offer tech careers such as software development, data science, and cyber security. It comes with a cheaper tuition rate, a short duration of about three to six months, and career orientations.
  • Certificate Programs: Certificate programs are credentials that help you validate your skills according to your career. IBM, Microsoft, and Google created these alternatives to support students and assess their performance to get jobs.

You Can Find a Job in Any Part of the World

One of the digital age benefits is the global connection between businesses and workers. Tech jobs are in high demand on freelance platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, and Workana. In this way, you can get contracts according to your level of experience and work for clients anywhere.

Remote work is a popular trend even for local employees. Many companies hire people for online projects by outsourcing them. By doing this, you can get a good-paying job from the comfort of your home.

Try connecting with people through platforms such as LinkedIn. You can use Contapp as your business card management application helping you to store other people’s business contact information and improve networking.

Finding professionals in the tech industry can be convenient through the right set of tools.

Career Funding Options

If you choose to study in a bootcamp, you can receive financial support to complete the degree. The demand for IT staff is massive, so companies and schools need to recruit talent for large projects. Coding bootcamps have several exclusive options to pay for your tuition. Check out:

  • Scholarships: Schools like App Academy, General Assembly, and Coding Dojo have financial support programs for many social groups. Minorities can apply for these programs to mitigate a percentage or 100% of tuition.
  • G.I. Bill: Veterans can access many tech courses and get special discounts for their careers.
  • Income-Share Agreement: The ISA is one of the best options to pay for a tech career. Schools work with lending groups to pay all tuition. You can complete the course for free and pay off the loan debt when you get a job.
  • Loans: Several financing companies trust in students’ potential for their future as tech workers. That’s why the best schools partner with Affirm, Sallie Mae, and the Skills Fund to help students cover a percentage of tuition. The plans include comfortable installments and long-term financing.


If you love innovation and want to enter an industry which is growing year on year, the tech industry can’t be ignored. There are so many resources online on how to improve your skills and thoroughly research what career path suits you best in a huge industry.

Read about tech careers if you want a bright future, economically stable, and great job options. Check all the benefits mentioned above and access one of the best career options today.

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