Welcoming All Professionals to Contapp’s Discord Community

We’re very excited to launch the Contapp Discord Community! What makes this Discord channel so special is that anyone can benefit from it, not just for Contapp users. 

It’s a dedicated space for users/individuals to visit and share knowledge & ideas that can help community members. Remember, this community is for everyone, not just for Contapp users. The more the merrier!

Join our Discord Community today and start engaging with members now.

Other than Contapp users being able to share feedback and ideas for the Contapp team, members of our Discord community can provide value to each other and have general conversations about topics that make you feel at ease.

In the Contapp’s Discord Channel, you can:

  • Share feedback & new ideas to improve Contapp
  • Get exclusive news relating to Contapp, before being announced to the public
  • Discuss: conversate with members about business, startups, marketing, tech and more
  • Value Library: tips and tools to assist members e.g. mindfulness tips, validate an idea or content ideas
  • Other Stuff: share things that aren’t business related or something that you’ve been proud of recently

Premium Contapp Members

For premium Contapp members, you will have exclusive access to premium channels within the Contapp Discord server, which are hidden to normal members. 

If you’ve subscribed to any of our premium plans or a member of our Innovator & Early Adopter Programmes, you’ll be allowed access to the premium channel.

In these premium channels, you’ll get to share your feedback on new features we’re proposing, plus exclusive updates that only premium members will receive before the general public.

If you have not gained access to our premium community, please email the team at [email protected]

Download Contapp Today

The Contapp business tool is available to use and download for free on iOS and Android today. Our latest Orca 3.0 update has also been released, create your account and start benefiting right away.

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