Waving the Flag for British Tech, Startups and Innovation

We’re proud to announce that all of Contapp’s activities and development are now based in the UK. This has always been a goal of ours to make sure all development is moved to the UK, to emphasise British innovation in the tech industry. 

Where It All Started

Although our Founder is British and everything you see from Contapp is trademarked in the UK, the Contapp platform was built elsewhere. In fact, Contapp was developed in India (all app designs were designed in-house in the UK).

Due to being a cost-effective option, having a high level of tech knowledge and many hours of interviews, it was clear that India was the right choice to start our bootstrapped startup journey. Since then, our in-house marketing and design teams have worked closely with our previous outsourced team of app developers in India. 

We feel this move will allow Contapp to continue growing in our home country, supporting other British businesses in the process. 

It’s great to say, we’re now a 100% fully functioning British tech startup!

Support our startup and download our app today on iOS & Android – we’d love to hear from you as well.

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