The Quickest & Easiest Way to Search Through Business Card Contacts

It’s fair to say, organising printed business cards can be pretty overwhelming when you have a huge collection. Unless you’re crazy enough to manually file them in alphabetical order in a big folder, there’s no solution to store them in an orderly fashion.

More to the point, how would you search for a group of people, such as all Marketing Managers, with a collection of printed business cards? It’s almost impossible. Unless you manually do this process, which can take quite a while.

Luckily, Contapp users can search for one specific person or a group of business professionals in a matter of seconds. Yes, seriously.

Intelligent Search Features

With Contapp’s business card manager app, finding business card contacts is a simple process. 

Our intelligent search features include keyword search and also filtering options. These can both be found in My Library in the top right hand corner.

Keyword Search

Do you ever remember very vague information about the contact details you’re trying to find? 

Contapp’s keyword search let’s users search by keywords, such as name, company, email, phone number and more. This is particularly useful if you remember very limited information about that person.

Filtering Options

This is a very handy search feature to have if you’re looking to sort your contacts by job title, industry or company name. Contapp’s filter option let’s users tick information fields based on what contacts they’re looking for. 

For example, if you’re looking for all business cards in your library that work in the Media industry, this would be the best way to find all those contacts.

How Do I Search for Business Card Contacts Easily in Contapp?

  1. Open Contapp. If you haven’t downloaded Contapp already, you can do it here for free.
  2. Go to My Library.
  3. In the top right handside of My Library, you will see two icons. The magnifying glass is Keyword Search, the funnel icon is the Filter option.
  4. If you clicked Keyword Search, click on the dropdown and choose the information field you want to search in. For example, Company Name, then type in the company name you’re searching for.
  5. If you clicked the Filter option, select the fields you want to filter and then click Apply Filter

Ready to Try Contapp?

Download Contapp for free on iOS & Android to experience the most secure digital solution to saving and managing your business cards.

Contapp is a more convenient, secure and sustainable way of using business cards for professionals in every industry, globally.

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