networking app for young professionals

The Networking App For Young Professionals

Thanks to the progress of technology, networking has become easier and more accessible for everyone around the world. Although 41% of professionals believe that face-to-face business events are the most effective way of finding customers, there are more online networking apps and productivity tools, now more than ever. 

Even networking online using corporate platforms, such as LinkedIn, has changed the way we all communicate in business. Some late adopters of technology will prefer face-to-face networking, but what about the up and coming young professionals who have grown up to use technology as a tool for every area of their life? 

Contapp is more than just a business card scanning app. It is widely used as a networking app for young professionals and to boost productivity amongst business-minded people through the use of business tools for smartphones.

38% of professionals find it difficult to maintain their business relationships

Following on from the quote above, this could be due to not having the right tools to keep business relationships strong, like an effective personal CRM. More young professionals are constantly searching for ways to boost their networking skills through the use of technology and smartphones, which is why networking apps, such as Contapp, are on the rise in App Stores.

We can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Some would say it’s a numbers game, but we believe that quality over quantity is always the winner. Ask yourself this question: how many people do you connect with online or meet at networking events, actually bring value to you and/or vice-versa?

Networking Better and Hygienically

Due to COVID-19, there has never been a better time for a solution to help people network in a hygienic and productive way, but we have the ideal solution for young professionals growing with our networking app. 

There’s a lot being done now to maintain social distancing for the long term, so it’s important to respect people’s personal space. Contapp’s clever Share Card feature gives you two options on how you can send business cards with no physical contact with the recipient. 

  • Option 1: Share Nearby – If the person you’re sending your business e-card to also has Contapp downloaded, this option is the most effective way of sharing your business card. With a simple swipe (Send for you and the recipient to swipe Receive) you can send your card in a few seconds to multiple people at one time, using the in-built proximity technology. Once the quick process is completed, your business card will be saved in their library automatically.
  • Option 2: Share Social – This is the option to choose if the recipient has not already downloaded Contapp. With this universal option, you have a wide range of different platforms to share your business e-card. These include social media platforms, email, messaging platforms and more. Embedded in the message is a CSV file of your business e-card which can easily be imported into Contapp if they decide to download the app. 

Both of these options make sure your business cards have a 100% success rate when reaching your recipient, but not only that, there will be no excuse of ‘losing’ a business card. What’s best of all is that there is no paper waste being generated, afterall, 88% of the 10 billion business cards printed every year are thrown away within a week of receiving them. It’s a win for you, the person receiving your details and also a big win for the environment.

The Best of Both Networking Methods

There’s no correct way of networking as everyone has their preferences, but it’s always good to have a great mix of online and face-to-face networking apps & tools. That being said, 95% of professionals consider face to face communication vital for long term business, so it’s important not to ignore either method of networking. 

Amongst lots of  benefits that surround Contapp being used as your networking app is that it benefits online and offline communication when it comes to networking. One of the biggest reasons users download Contapp is to easily organise their large collection of business cards and to store them digitally, in an efficient manner. 

Everyone wants to be more productive at work and searches for the next best productivity tool app continues to grow. Contapp is used widely as a productivity tool for business-minded people that want to maximise the potential of business cards, rather than storing their paper business cards in drawers, to never be seen again. Increasing productivity with a smarter and more efficient way of managing business cards, allows you to focus on the more important tasks during your busy schedule.

95% of professionals consider face to face communication vital for long term business

The Scan Card feature transforms conventional paper business cards into fully interactive digital business cards, allowing you to add details you can’t add to paper business cards, such as LinkedIn profile links. Not just that, but you can also contact people via their business e-cards by clicking on their phone number or email address.

One major plus point about having Contapp as a networking app for young professionals, is the unique Save Location feature. Integrated with Google Maps, you can save the exact location of where you met the person who gave you that business card. Activate this feature when you scan their paper business card or when you’re in edit mode on a business e-card in your library. Extremely beneficial for people that go to networking events and conferences.

Ready to Join the Journey?

Join us on our journey and help improve the way we digitally utilise Business Cards, in a more convenient and sustainable way. Download Contapp for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today and try a smarter way of networking.

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