The Business of Sustainability Event – ‘Powered by Contapp’ Networking Event

The next ‘Powered by Contapp’ networking event will be underway next week, will we be seeing you there?

Hosted by our partners Legacy Club, this sustainability event won’t disappoint as we’re all joined by an amazing panel in London.

About the Upcoming Event

Joined by a selection of top speakers:

  • Kyle Grant (Founder of Oxwash)
  • Maggie Bolger (Founder of B_Together)
  • Arif Hussein (Founder of Klyk)

Hosted by former UNICEF CEO, Mike Penrose, Co-Founder of The Sustainability Group, and Legacy Club advisory panel member.

Guests can also look forward to some wonderful food and sustainable wine tasting. 

Click here to find out more and to book your tickets.

What’s a ‘Powered by Contapp’ Networking Event⁠?

So, what does ‘Powered by Contapp’ networking events mean?

It means Contapp and our networking partners are taking action to make networking events paperless and more sustainable.

No business cards are required at these events. Attendees only need the free Contapp app which will work as your digital business card for streamlined sharing & management for all the business card details you get from attendees.

Find out more about ‘Powered by Contapp’ events here.

If you’re attending, don’t forget to download Contapp for free prior to the event.

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