Surrounding Your Startup with the Right Community

Being a Startup Founder, it can be hard to juggle lots of different tasks, plus making sure you’re networking effectively to grow your business organically. 

However, with the likes of membership networks, like Legacy Club for example, it can dramatically increase exposure and open the door for new opportunities. For Contapp, we are new members of Legacy Club and have seen the benefits of sharing our startup journey with other Startup Founders already.

Who Are Legacy Club?

As a new member of the Legacy Club, it’s a fantastic opportunity to look into if you’re a Startup Founder.

Legacy Club is a “first of its kind” entrepreneurial community, founded by Chris Caffrey. 

It’s a member-only network, with a focus on peer to peer connections and unrivalled  business and lifestyle privileges.  

From Startup to Scale up, members are encouraged to ‘raise a hand’ and seek the support they need  to facilitate growth at all stages of their evolution.  

Members’ discussions and events meet these challenges head-on, with their strategic partners, in  accountancy, technology, HR, investment, wellbeing, law, PR and much more. 

Members can also learn and seek advice from Legacy Club’s vastly experienced advisory panel which  has been assembled to give a variety of insights, support and valuable knowledge into  what members will want, and more importantly what entrepreneurs need to be successful.  

Engaging with a Startup Community

By surrounding your startup with a network of other Founders, you get the opportunity to share your journey with other entrepreneurs that have walked the same path you’re on now. They understand what you’re going through and potentially the hurdles you’ll come across along your journey.

Being able to grow our startup with other entrepreneurs through collaborations and feedback, is something that excites us at Contapp. We’re always looking for opportunities to help other startups. If this sounds like something you’d like to start a conversation about, drop our team an email.

“The community is where the hearts at” is something we stand by at our bootstrapped startup. We engage and encourage our community of users to share their feedback/ideas to shape our business tool. We have a dedicated Discord channel for business-minded professionals to educate and gain knowledge from all members in our Contapp community. You can join here.

Supporting Startups

At Contapp, just like Legacy Club, we’re all about startups supporting other startups. Legacy Club can help with:

  • Growth & support
  • Virtual events
  • Knowledge & advice
  • Collaborations 
  • Membership privileges

The Contapp business tool helps Startup Founders and business professionals to conveniently manage and use business cards in today’s digital world. Whilst using Contapp as the effective solution for organising business contacts, users are helping reduce paper waste globally.

In a bid to support startups, Contapp continues to have an open door policy when it comes to collaborations and partnerships, with businesses that share our same ethos. No matter how big or small, we’re always here to help startups grow through collaborations.

Join Our Startup Journey

Download Contapp for free today in the iOS & Google Play Store and join our exciting startup journey. Whilst we’re building a streamlined solution to managing and using business cards, as a community, we’re helping save the planet as well.

Exclusively for Startup Founders, we have limited spaces available for our Early Adopters Programme. You can register your interest and find out more here.

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