Sharing Our Tech Startup with Startups of London Podcast

Collaborations make the startup world go round. We’ve built a great relationship with the Startups of London team since launching 2 years ago. 

Lots of content creation, many guest blogs and now we’ve appeared on their SOL Podcast.

Listen to the podcast here, it’s a special episode where we go more in-depth about Contapp and how our entrepreneurial Founder started this journey. 

If you’re a Startup Founder or thinking of launching your entrepreneurial career (tech or non-tech related), this podcast episode is for you.

About Startups of London

Startups of London is a niche media company that aims to be the voice of the startup ecosystem. We tell the success and fail stories of startups and entrepreneurs, with video documentaries and podcasts.

Entrepreneurs learn and draw courage from each other. This is why we need better content and better online communities for entrepreneurs.

They bring together entrepreneurs through our community, feature startups and work with providers such as accelerators, co-working spaces or similar.

Download Contapp Today

If you like what you hear and you want to join an incredible community of users, you can download the app for free on iOS & Android

The benefits of our platform are endless if you prioritise creating meaningful connections in business, whilst wanting to save time, money and the planet. 

Try Contapp today.

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