Sharing Our Exciting Journey on the “Let’s Talk Startups” Podcast

We’ve always been about supporting startups. It’s a tough journey (especially doing it bootstrapped like we are), but it’s an incredible experience. Being able to share our startup journey and knowledge with other startup founders is something we’re always more than happy to do.

This is why when the opportunity came up to feature on Blazon’s ‘Let’s Talk Startups’ podcast, it was impossible for us to say no.

Hosted by the fantastic Demos and Nargis, you can listen to our episode of the podcast on all leading platforms, such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

About the Episode

In this episode, we spoke about the many challenges that come with building a bootstrapped tech startup. Plus, how Contapp is making a positive impact on business professionals around the world.

We also touched on some entrepreneurial tips for those new to the startup world and the vision Contapp has for the future.

As a bonus, we were faced with the Dragons Den test… do you think we passed? You’ll have to listen to find out!

All listeners were given the opportunity to get premium access for free as well. See how you can claim this exclusive offer.

About Blazon

Blazon are obsessed with startups. Having spent years working on numerous ventures, co-founders Demos and Nargis certainly know a thing or two about building a startup business.

Going through the highs and lows themselves many times, they have faced the same challenges that founders face today. When it comes to the crossroad of success and failure, they’ve realised that having extra support makes a massive difference.

They have the resources and industry know-how to help you at whatever stage of the journey that you’re on. Their in-house team can facilitate a number of projects including content creation, app development and website design, plus managing the entire marketing process for you. As well as connecting you to the right investors, lawyers, financial advisors, wellbeing coaches and more.

Blazon are here to give you the guidance, reassurance and results that you need to take your startup further. Years of discussions with founders in a variety of sectors across the globe has created an impressive network of resources.

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