Release Date Announced: Contapp | Orca 3.0 App Update

Our highly anticipated Contapp | Orca 3.0 software update has been in progress for some time and our developers have been working around the clock. 

The proposed launch date is May 13th 2021 where users can update their app or download it in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Contapp | Orca 3.0 app update is our biggest and most innovative app update yet, which will revolutionise our business tool. The launch will be one step closer to Contapp becoming your personal business hub, rather than just a business card scanner.

What’s News?

As a sneak-peak, these are the highlights that will be introduced to the Orca 3.0 app update. More information about each new feature will be included in an article published at the time of launch:

  • Sign-in/out Account
  • Cloud Backup
  • Face/Fingerprint ID Entry
  • Free & Premium Plans
  • New Side Menu
  • Improved Streamlined Sharing
  • Walkthrough Screens
  • Added Features with Support
  • Amended UI
  • New Website

The Launch of Exclusive Programmes

Alongside the launch of Orca 3.0, we also have our exclusive Innovator Programme & Early Adopters Programme going live as well. 

If you’re already registered to either of these, you will be contacted in due course with an official email from our team. Please add Contapp as a safe sender to make sure you receive the invitation.

The Innovator Programme has been completely filled, which is amazing to see. However, we do still have limited spaces available for our Early Adopters Programme still. 

If you want to take this one-time opportunity, be quick!

You can find out more about the Early Adopters Programme here.

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