Our Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2022

If you’re out of ideas when it comes to marketing strategies for your business in 2022, this article can help you.

Marketing tactics are an assortment of all the strategic actions that direct the promotion of your business to influence a specific marketing goal.

When your marketing is on point, targeting the right audience with a product/service they need, it’s a recipe for success. But more often than not, it’s easier said than done.

We made some notes on 10 unbeatable marketing strategies that you can implement to boost your business’ growth in 2022.

This is a guest blog written by Christy Milan, Senior Content Editor.

Networking Events (Face to Face & Virtual)

Due to the ongoing pandemic, networking has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. With more face to face networking events coming back, virtual networking events are still more popular.

Plus, virtual networking events allow you to meet people who live far and wide, which opens lots of new opportunities. Building relationships is a vital part of networking, so make sure you connect with new people all the time. 

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Social Media Marketing

People often spend around 5-6 hours daily on the internet, most of which is on social channels. Hence why social media marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Grow your social media following organically (which we recommend) or trial some PPC (pay per click) adverts.

You can start your social media marketing by creating profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It is the best way to reach a large number of customers in less time. It also gives you an opportunity to share content and engage with your audience. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the profitable ways to boost your business. It helps you to stay connected with your current and past clients. While delivering mail to the clients, always make sure you’re providing them with valuable content, rather than trying to ‘sell sell sell’ in all of your messaging.

Customers value useful, personalised content. Where you can, try to add their name, which is a common automation feature on all email marketing platforms. 

You also have the option to buy data and create targeted cold email campaigns, although we don’t recommend doing this. Lots of new people may see your campaign, however, the return will be a lot lower than email campaigns you’ve sent to your current database. 

Content Marketing

It is an essential part of any marketing tactic. You are creating content that your customers find interesting or provide value. When developing content, always keep your customer’s interests in mind and use the correct channels to share that content. 

For example, Contapp shares lots of content on how business professionals can become more sustainable in business. We often write articles on our blog page and then share them across our social media platforms for better engagement. 

Good content will help your company to maintain a positive reputation and will be more likely to be shared by readers. The content must bare-in mind SEO tactics to increase the traffic.

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Video Marketing

During the current economic downturn, video marketing plays a vital role in the success of a

business. Video marketing is embraced by social media marketers and customers across all industries. 

The videos must be exciting and attractive to watch, but not too long. It should include things that are informative and interesting at the same time. Share the videos on various social media platforms to boost your engagement, like our Youtube channel.

Reviews, Referrals & Customer Testimonials

If you’re recommending a product/service to someone, it’s very likely that person will look into the company you’ve recommended. We often buy from recommendations because that person has had a good experience. It often includes details about customers’ experience with the company and how their problems were resolved. 

Contapp boasts fantastic user feedback via our App Store reviews. In fact, over 95% of all of our App Store reviews for iOS & Android are 5-stars. This is something we’re very proud of and continue to bring the best user experience to our community.

In the Contapp app, you’re also able to refer Contapp to colleagues and friends/family, in exchange for up to 35 free business card slots (free users only).

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Marketing Automation

That is one of the beneficial ways to reach your target audience. It includes using software to automate the marketing triggers or to personalise messages. For example, this is widely used for Email Campaigns. 

You can create an email campaign that includes the recipient’s first name, to make it more personalised. Once that email is sent, you can create trigger actions that will tell the software to do a particular action if the recipient opens the email or clicks on a certain link. This is very useful for better user experience because it will act on tasks automatically, without you having to get involved.

Create Infographics

Nowadays, infographics exist as the most shareable and viral piece of content on the internet. They are easy to understand and you can soak in the information a lot quicker than standard text. 

Creating an infographic is a balance between showing all the valuable information in a visually pleasing way, whilst preventing an overwhelming amount of detail. People generally give more priority to the designs than the information, but it’s important to keep it simple.

Always keep in mind that infographics are there to communicate a message better, instead of writing paragraphs of text.

App Store & Google Analytics

To run a successful business, you should know what is happening around the world. Google analytics gives the proper analysis of everything related to your products or services. 

From an app analytics point of view, Google Play Console and Apple App Store Connect are great platforms to use as well. However, we also like platforms such as App Radar and App Annie, which display app performance analytics in a visually pleasing, simple way

Hire a Marketing Agency

Everything we’ve mentioned up until now can be used to promote your business with a very low budget or to grow your business organically. However, with this point, it’s a great marketing strategy to use if you’ve got the budget to spend.

Marketing agencies can be a huge help to your business because they work closely with you to meet your objectives via effective marketing strategies. Their job is to work out the best marketing channels to communicate the best messages to your target audience. 

Before hiring a company, make sure you do your research though. Always remember to be transparent with them and to mention your expectations to get the best results.

Our Final Thoughts

There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to marketing strategies. Every business is different. Every business has different objectives. Every business will perform differently on multiple marketing channels. It’s important to test and analyse, before going all out on a certain marketing strategy. Most of it comes down to trial and error.

One thing that we can say is that we’ve listed cost-effective marketing strategies that can be implemented straight away, with next to no budget. We encourage you to try all of the above strategies and make a note of which ones work best for your goals. If it worked, why did it work so well? Was there anything you could improve for next time?  

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