Our Feature in the Startups Magazine at The Business Show

We’re fully supportive of all the startups out there who are grinding their way through the rollercoaster journey of growing a new business. 

From our point of view as a bootstrapped tech startup, it’s not an easy ride. However, we’re forever grateful of the incredible platforms and startup communities that are available which help all of us as startup founders.

One of which is the amazing Startups Magazine. 

Discover Contapp in the Magazine

In the latest issue of the Startups Magazine, we’re over the moon to be featured in the Nov/Dec issue with an advert and a very interesting editorial! 

You can find it here or visit page 53 if you have the paperback magazine.

What makes this even more special is that the Startups Magazine was being distributed at one of London’s biggest exhibitions, The Business Show, at the ExCeL London. 

How amazing is that!

A Word From Our Founder

It’s something we’ve always wanted to be featured in. As someone that was reading the Startups Magazine before launching his own startup, Contapp, our Founder is a huge fan of the publication.

Giuseppe, our Founder says: 

“It’s a great testament of our startup journey so far. This shows the progress we’ve made. Featuring on podcasts, interviews, articles and even live Australian news. It’s all been great publicity for us. Now we’ve been featured in this fantastic magazine!

From being an avid reader of the Startups Magazine to now featuring my own startup in the same publication, it makes me very proud. Especially having an enormous number of eyes on our advert/editorial at The Business Show, it’s an incredible opportunity for us.

Kudos to our community of users for helping us get to where we are now. This is just the beginning of what we’re trying to achieve as a sustainable, streamlined business tool. The only way is up!”

You can connect with Giuseppe Milazzo on LinkedIn here.

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