Networking Partner Testimonial: Canary Connections

We pride ourselves in building a user-friendly platform for business professionals to easily manage & share business card data. Convenient, streamlined and good for the planet.

In a networking environment, Contapp thrives. But don’t take our word for it.

The Contapp & Canary Connections Collaboration

Thanks to Canary Connections, we partnered on the first ever ‘Powered by Contapp’ networking event. An improved way of connecting business professionals that enjoy networking, whilst reducing paper waste and making contact management simple.

Canary Connections are a networking group for the real estate industry. They identified the convenience & sustainability benefits that would come with partnering with Contapp at their latest event. 

It was a great success for all involved: Contapp, Canary Connections and all of the business professionals that attended.

What Canary Connections Thought

Barry Rea, Founder of Canary Homes and Canary Connections said:

“I ran my quarterly networking event last week and recommended that attendees use Contapp as a better way of swapping business cards. More efficient, paperless and covid secure too! 

It was a seamless way to swap details with everything stored on our phones and easily searchable. 

As I have multiple mobile phones it’s great to be able to have everyone’s contact details accessible no matter which phone I have with me.”

This testimonial and 5-star review can be found in the Apple App Store.

Networking Made Easier for Everyone

If you run networking events and want to separate yourself from your average networking event, drop our team an email today. 

We’re always looking to grow our networking partners, with a view to revolutionise the way business professionals exchange business cards in today’s digital world. 

By partnering with Contapp, your networking events will become zero-waste, contactless sharing and a better way of connecting for attendees. Better yet, there’s no cost to our partnerships.

Discover better business card management today, by downloading Contapp on iOS & Android for free.

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