Market Research: Are Business Cards Beneficial to You?

We conducted some first-hand market research amongst business professionals and asked whether business cards are beneficial to them.

Our research shows that 79% of business-minded professionals surveyed, thought that business cards were beneficial to them. The remaining 21% said that business cards were not beneficial to them.

The Reason for ‘No’

However, we devolved deeper into the reason why they thought business cards were not beneficial to them. The results showed that 94% of professionals that said no, found business cards to be difficult to manage. 

This was the main reason why they often refused to exchange printed business cards and didn’t find them beneficial because they were a lot of hassle. Printed business cards often come with this negativity and in today’s world, we can completely see why.

Market research conducted by Contapp

The Digital World

We’re living in a digital world and in business especially, we’re more connected than ever. Printed business cards require a lot of manual work to use the data and take up a lot of unnecessary space. 

For example, if you file all your business cards in a folder or keep them loose in drawers, how easy is it to find a specific business card? Better yet, once you found that business card, how easy is it to remember where you met or what you spoke about?

It’s very time consuming and can make your office look messy, meaning a drop in productivity. No one needs this headache at work, especially in a fast-paced business environment. We don’t even have the space to bring out 100+ business cards with us everywhere, because that would just be impractical. So, what’s the solution?

Digital Way of Managing & Using Business Cards

We’ve worked around the clock on building a user-friendly and convenient solution to managing business cards more effectively in today’s digital world. 

As we continue to grow, the Contapp platform will continue to develop into your personal business hub, rather than just a business card scanning app. More integrations with leading softwares and more streamlined processes, to make business card/contact management even easier for users.

Benefits of Contapp Compared to Printed Business Cards

  • Intelligent library to easily search and filter business cards
  • Contapp works as a digital business card, but also a business card manager
  • Scan printed business cards into Contapp and manage/use them digitally
  • Contact people via Contapp, instead of manually entering data
  • Digital features such as adding social media links & profile picture to bolster your profile
  • Contactlessly share business cards to people in your proximity or to anyone in the world.
  • Easily edit information for free, no need to re-print/design
  • Save Location feature allows you to save the exact location of where you met (integrated with Google Maps)
  • 24/7 Cloud backup for your entire library (coming soon in the Orca 3.0 update)
  • Extra security with biometric ID and sign-in/out accounts to enter Contapp (coming soon in the Orca 3.0 update)
  • Integrate Contapp with leading softwares for streamlined processes, such as LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Zoom etc (coming soon)

Join Our Startup Journey

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