National Cupcake Day

Managing Business Cards Should Be a Piece of Cake

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you any delicious cakes and goodies today for National Cupcake Day. However, we can offer you the next best thing, which is a free business tool that will help manage your business contacts easier. 

The app is called Contapp and it’s available to download and use from the Google Play & Apple App Store.

A ‘Tasty’ App That Adds Value

Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing & utilising business cards, whilst helping reduce paper waste globally. 

Contapp not only bridges the gap between you and individuals in business, but it extends to a must-have business tool in building better relationships with your contacts. 

We found that conventional paper Business Cards were the bane of people’s lives in business. The conventional paper business card does a minimal job, but in reality, they can be so much more than just a piece of paper, that can easily be lost or damaged. Contapp helps you utilise business cards beyond their means. 

That’s where the idea of Contapp came to mind. 

Making business card management easier

As a tech startup that puts our global users and the environment at the heart of everything we do, we encourage users to give their feedback in order for us to develop our platform further. Our innovative team has built an easy to use, slick mobile app that has been built with business and convenience in mind.

Our team of tech experts have focused on a clean, easy to navigate interface, where convenience and streamlined features come hand in hand. Contapp is more than just a business card managing app, it becomes your personal business hub. It’s as simple as Scan, Save and Share.

What can I do with Contapp?

You can use Contapp as a business card management tool, as a digital business card or both. That’s the beauty of this free business tool, anyone in business can get value from it. 

Here are some of our feature highlights, but there are lots more available on the app. Download Contapp for free and discover all the features for a better way of managing business cards.

  • Scan Card: Transform printed business cards into digital profiles, by scanning card via Contapp.
  • My Card: Create your own digital business card for free and add details you wouldn’t find on a printed business card, such as notes, profile picture and social media links. Either create one manually or scan your existing business card.
  • Intelligent Library: Browsing through your collection of business cards has never been so quick and easy. Seamlessly scroll through your library or use the smart search & filter options to find contacts instantly.
  • Create Groups: Take organisation to the next level by saving particular contacts in custom groups.
  • Contactless Sharing: Share business cards contactlessly with Contapp users and non-contact users with a simple swipe. Using proximity technology, you can send your business card to multiple Contapp users at one time. Alternatively, you can send your business card to non-Contapp users via email and other social messaging platforms.
  • Save Location: A very unique and handy feature for those that go to a lot of events and meetings. By clicking the Save Location button on someone’s business card, it will save the exact location of where you met and attach it to their profile. This uses Google Maps integration.

What’s Next for Contapp’s Roadmap

Part of Contapp’s exciting roadmap is to introduce affordable subscription plans and innovative features to our existing mobile app. The introduction of these new innovative features will take Contapp to the next level in becoming your personal business hub. 

This will transform the Contapp mobile app into a SaaS subscription model, which will bring added value to our users around the world, for a small, competitive fee. Once the new premium plans and innovative features both launch, this will allow us to build a streamlined web CRM platform. Contapp’s CRM will have powerful integrations from leading software businesses to become an affordable all-in-one SaaS platform.

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