Contapp Business Card Scanner Update

Introducing the Smart Business Tool App, Helping Save the Planet

What if we told you there’s a mobile app that would help you maximise potential business opportunities, whilst doing your bit to help save the planet? Luckily, that app does exist and it’s called Contapp.

Introducing the smarter way of managing and sharing business cards in the digital age. Contapp not only bridges the gap between you and individuals in Business, but it extends to a must-have business tool in building better relationships with your contacts. 

We found that conventional paper Business Cards were the bane of people’s lives in business. The conventional paper business card does a minimal job, but in reality, they can be so much more than just a piece of paper, that can easily be lost or damaged. Contapp helps you utilise business cards beyond their means. That’s where the idea of Contapp came to mind. 

Contapp is everything you wished your Business Card could do. It’s a revolutionary, user-friendly way of organising and using Business Cards with unique functionalities, compared to conventional paper methods. Our unique features make Contapp more than just a business card managing app, it becomes your personal Business Hub. It’s as simple as Scan, Save and Share.

Our Vision to Reduce Paper Waste

Did you know, 88% of the 10 billion business cards printed every year are thrown away after 1 week of receiving them from another person? This raises many alarm bells. Not only does this mean that potential business is being lost within a week, but the amount of paper waste this generates is very worrying.

We only have one planet, so we must do everything we can to protect it together. As a company, our vision is to be the solution that reduces paper waste in business environments, through maximising the use of business cards in the digital age. We strive to add value to individuals, which is why we build from users’ feedback for all improvements

Our community and corporate social responsibility to help do more for the plant, are both at the heart of Contapp. 

Ready to Join the Journey?

Join us on our journey and help improve the way we digitally utilise Business Cards, in a more convenient and sustainable way. Download Contapp for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start your personal improvement in business today

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