Important Notice for Existing Contapp Users

As you know, the recent Contapp | Orca 3.0 software update is now available for all users (woo!) but this is a very important notice for existing users.

Here’s the important bit:

If you have business cards in your Contapp library prior to Orca 3.0, please update the Contapp app and create your Contapp Cloud account in the app.

To ensure take advantage of our new Cloud features, such as improved sharing functionalities and Cloud backup, please make sure you complete this by June 23rd 2021.

New Cloud Backup Servers

The reason being, we are moving our data centres to new Cloud servers. So any information and data you had prior to the new update, will automatically be saved across to the new Cloud servers.

This benefits you as a user because now your data will be automatically synced to your Contapp account in the Orca 3.0 update. So whenever you sign-in to your Contapp account (no matter what device), all your data will be available to use and share.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! The security of our users’ data and information is our priority always and we will never share this with any third-party business. 

To make our platform as secure as possible, our encrypted data storing methods are saved in two separate databases. This complies with very stringent GDPR laws, to keep the trust of our users.

Innovating Business Card Management

Download the Contapp app for free on iOS & Android today. Benefit from a convenient and streamlined solution for digitally managing business cards, whilst helping reduce paper waste globally.

Experience our latest Orca 3.0 update and share your feedback with the team on our dedicated Discord channel.

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