How To Easily Share Your Business Card Anywhere in the World

Sharing your business details can be done in many ways. Yet there are a lot of easier ways to share this information compared to what you’re currently doing.

We’ll go through some difficulties you may face with the two most common ways.

Handing out a printed business card 

  • Very easy if you’re face to face with that person, but it’s impossible if you’re not.
  • Printed business cards are expensive.
  • Not a very eco-friendly way of sharing business details.
  • Some people refuse to take the additional paper back to the office.
  • Logging that data onto a screen is a manual process.

Writing your details in a message or notepad

  • Time-consuming to type out all the information you’d find on a business card.
  • Difficult and not very streamlined when storing that information.
  • Not very professional.
  • Risk of typos.

Using a Modern Approach to Sharing Business Details

We’re not your average business card app. In fact, our platform has been described as an all-in-one business card solution, also functioning as a pocket-sized CRM.

At Contapp, we pride ourselves on adding value and creating meaningful connections in business. This is why we’ve made sharing business card details more streamlined than what you’re currently doing.

Even if the person you’re sending your digital business card to doesn’t have Contapp, you can still share it directly to their devices. Face to face or in a virtual environment.

Different Ways of Sharing Your Business Card via Contapp

To accommodate the hybrid working world that we live in, we’ve made it simple for any user around the world to exchange business card details.

Share Nearby

To exchange business cards with another Contapp user in a face to face environment, this option is the most streamlined approach. 

Using proximity technology, the sender swipes up and the receiver swipes down. Once you both confirm the transaction, your business card will save into their library.

Share Social

This option can be used for anyone, allowing you to share your business card from Contapp via any platform you can think of. 

This includes LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, AirDrop/Android Beam and many more messaging platforms on your smartphone.

It will also let you copy the details of your business card for you to paste where you like.

How to Share My Business Card via Contapp

Before you share your business card, you need to make sure you have a business card created/saved on the My Card page of the Contapp app.

  1. Open the Contapp app and sign in.
  2. Click Share Card on the homepage. You can also share your details directly from the My Card page. 
  3. Select either the Nearby or Social option to share your details.
    • Nearby: Follow the instructions on the page. Swipe up to send and swipe down to receive (the person must be on the same page).
    • Social: Selected your preferred platform to share your business card and press send.

Simple, quick and streamlined. Send your digital business card as many times as you want with no limit, even on our free plan.

Share Your Contapp Business Card Today

Experience the benefits of having a digital business card that doubles up as a pocket-sized CRM platform now. Make a lasting impression and start sharing your business card via Contapp.

Download the app for you and your team on iOS & Android today.