How to create a digital version of your business card for free

How to Create a Digital Version of Your Business Card for Free

The business card. Something used widely throughout business in every country, coming in all shapes and sizes. But are we using them to the best of our ability? In fact, do we use them at all when we’re given them at meetings and networking events? The answer is, most probably not.

88% of business cards are thrown away within a week of receiving them

As a business owner, getting loads of business cards printed for your staff can be a major hole in your pocket. That’s considering no one leaves or information isn’t changed during that time, such as a job title change. If that’s the case, the business cards will be thrown away.

> Click here to see the comparisons between printed and digital business cards.

We have a more environmentally friendly, modern and convenient way around business cards. Have you considered using your business card digitally? “But they’re paper, how on earth can I use them digitally?” – the answer is a free business tool app in the app stores, called Contapp. 

Get Started

  1. Download Contapp for free for iOS or Android in the app store.
  1. Once downloaded, go to My Card from the homescreen.
  1. If you already have a printed business card, simply click the Scan Card button. If you do not have an existing business card, you can create one manually by clicking Create Card.
  1. If you clicked Scan Card, scan your printed business card into the app, making sure its a clear picture and nothing in the background for an accurate scan. 

(Note: Only British language can be detected from when this article was written, more languages will be introduced as we develop the app further. Scanning accuracy will improve over time with more uses, due to Google Machine Learning.)

  1. Data should be auto-populated, you can then manually add/remove and amend any information on your business card. 
  1. You can add more information to your digital business card, such as social media links, notes, profile picture, industry and more.
  1. Once all the required information has been filled out, click Save Card at the bottom of your business card.

There you have it! Now you have a digital business card that can be used and shared with other Contapp users and non-Contapp users.

Your digital business card can be amended at any time, plus be shared by clicking on the My Card page.

Coming Soon to Contapp Users

As a bootstrapped tech startup, Contapp is trying to transform the platform into a personal business hub, rather than just a business card scanner. We have an incredibly exciting roadmap ahead, with some innovative ideas from our team. 

We may be early on in our startup journey, but we have big dreams and a dedicated team to achieve what we have planned. Not to mention, a very loyal user base that spans around the world.

It’s not just about innovative new features in upcoming app updates. Our dynamic team will be planning the build for an affordable, streamlined CRM platform that will include powerful integrations from leading software companies. 

This custom CRM platform will be mainly aimed at Startups & SME’s, which our team will start planning after the new Contapp app update launches in 2021. 

Your Feedback Matters

Everything we do at Contapp is done with adding value to our users and saving the planet from paper waste. We always encourage our Contapp Community to give us feedback and to implement their ideas into future updates.

If you would like to send your feedback and ideas to our team to help improve our startup platform, we’d love to hear from you – [email protected]

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