How to Become a Lifetime Premium Member

Growing with a bootstrapped tech startup can come with many benefits. At Contapp, that’s no different. 

We’re rewarding those who are joining our startup journey from the early stages by introducing our Innovator & Early Adopter Programmes.

Everything we do as a business or as an individual contributes to our growth. Which is why when we grow, our users benefit as well. This is a perfect way of forming a great bond with our most loyal users. 

Like we’ve said many times, our users and the environment are at the heart of everything we do at Contapp.

Our Exclusive Programmes

Unfortunately, we no longer have spaces available for our Innovators Programme as they’ve been filled.However, we have recently extended spaces for our Early Adopters Programme. 

By becoming an Early Adopter, you’ll be part of an exclusive group of premium members, helping to shape our platform. 

Plus, you’ll become a premium Contapp user for a lifetime… Yes, really! That means you’ll have access to our Enterprise Plan (our most inclusive premium plan) for life, without the regular subscription fees a normal premium user would have to pay. There will be a very small one-off fee instead.

If you would like the opportunity to join our Early Adopters Programme, please register and find out more here. But be warned, limited spaces are available, so be quick!

Join Our Startup Journey

Download Contapp for free today in the iOS & Google Play Store and join our exciting startup journey. Whilst we’re building a streamlined solution to managing and using business cards, as a community, we’re helping save the planet as well.

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