How Digital Business Cards Can Give You The Upperhand

How Digital Business Cards Can Give You The Upper Hand

Firstly, what is a digital business card? It’s an electronic form of a business card that can be used instead of a paper business card, that comes with many extra benefits. Digital business cards can be more than just a piece of paper with someone’s contact information printed on. This makes them such a crucial business tool in today’s digital world. 

In this article, we will outline how digital business cards can give you that extra benefit when exchanging, saving and using business cards in business. But before we go into detail about that, ask yourself these questions related to paper business cards:

  • Can you carry an unlimited amount of business cards with you without taking up space?
  • Can you embed links, such as social media profiles, into your business card?
  • Can you integrate softwares within your paper business card?
  • Can you edit contact information as freely as you like?
  • Can you contactlessly share information?
  • Can you contact people from your business card without any manual input?

As far as we know, the answer to all of these questions is no. Bearing that all in mind, let’s see why digital business cards are the way to go and why mobile apps like Contapp are perfect as your personal business tool.

Save all your business cards in one place

It’s a common issue that paper business cards take up a lot of space in wallets and bags, either the ones you’re hoping to share with others or the enormous collection you’ve received over the years. The beauty with digital business cards is that it takes up no space. In fact, 1 business card will take up the same amount of space as 1,000 business cards. 

With free apps like Contapp, you can scan your paper business card collection and transform them into fully functioning digital business card. Meaning all your information is digitally saved for that person, so now you can recycle the original paper business card. Pretty sweet, huh?

More than just a piece of paper

Digital business cards bring a whole new dimension to the way you use business cards. You are able to contact people via their business card on the app, plus add information you wouldn’t find on a paper business card. These include links to social media pages, email, notes, website and phone numbers. All of these can be actioned when you click on the information. 

Whereas with paper business cards, you will have to manually type every character into a phone. Be more productive and contact people straight from the screen. No one wants to copy information from a business card and on to a screen, especially as more integrations are available with CRM’s, for example. 

With digital business cards also comes added value from innovative digital features, such as the Save Location feature embedded into the Contapp app. Integrated with Google Maps, you will never forget where you met someone when exchanging business cards. Can a paper business card do that?

Accurate data every time

When exchanging digital business cards, the likelihood that the information you’re sending and receiving is minimal. Where as if you were to copy information manually from a paper business card and on to another screen, there is a much higher chance of an error in the process. This could be a disaster, especially if that paper business card is lost or damaged.

Be more productive with easy management

Being organised in business is incredibly important to becoming productive and efficient in your day to day working life. The same should be applied to business cards. It’s a well known fact that business cards can be found in random places, at the bottom of bags, scrunched up in pockets and more often than not, thrown in drawers to never be seen again. Innovative mobile apps like 

Contapp brings a completely different outlook on how business cards are displayed, with an intuitive, user-friendly display. The intelligent library presents your collection in a simple viewing format. Searching for the right card(s) is incredibly easy too. Search by keywords and filters, or if you want to be even more organised, you can create custom groups.

This is the smarter and more convenient way of managing business cards, no need for endless folders to save your paper business cards any more.

Contactlessly share when you’re in a hurry

Being able to contactlessly exchange business cards is on the up and there’s many reasons why, not only for the hygienic factor. COVID-19 has shown us that the less physical contact we have with people/objects, the better. It’s not just about avoiding exchanging germs, as well as business information, but it’s such a smooth process that brings added convenience to both users. 

By using the Contapp app, a simple swipe is enough to send your business card to one or multiple users at one time. If you forget to give someone your business card because you were in a rush to your next meeting, you can also send your digital business card via platforms such as email and social messaging platforms. Never miss an opportunity to share your business card, even when you forget.

Reduce paper waste globally

We’ve outlined some of the ways a digital business card can give you that extra edge. However, this is something that will make the world of difference, quite literally. 10 billion business cards are printed every year and 88% are thrown away within a week. This is a huge amount of paper waste which we should do something about.

By opting for digital business cards over conventional paper methods, you become more productive and organised. Not to mention contributing to reducing paper waste. It really is that simple. Bring added value to your working life with a slick business tool like Contapp, whilst being sustainable.

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