Get a Free Slice of the Action

Okay, it may not be all that it seems. Afterall, it is April Fools Day. We’re not giving away free pizza unfortunately, but we can give you something better (just not as tasty).

We’re giving all users a pizza the premium life with a one-off access to our most inclusive premium plan for life. Yes, you’ll be benefiting from our Enterprise plan without the need for regular subscription payments. 

Don’t Miss Out

This offer isn’t for everyone though, there’s a limited amount of spaces available before this programme ends. If you become an Early Adopter and join an exclusive group of business-minded individuals, you’ll benefit now and in the future.

If you need more information about the Early Adopters Programme or would like to register now, please visit:

The Early Adopters Programme will launch at the same time our biggest and most innovative app update goes live. Contapp | Orca 3.0 will bring new features and completely revolutionise the current Contapp platform.

Now that’s (just about) better than a slice of pizza!

Download Contapp for iOS & Android for free today and join our exciting startup journey to innovating business card management.

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