how to find passion in your work

Find Your Passion and Never Work a Day in Your Life

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is finding passion in your work. It takes time, effort, determination and a little bit of trial and error. But you have to start somewhere, right?

From the wise words of Mark Twain, “find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It’s a powerful quote and one that we should not ignore, because it’s true. Pursuing passion in our work and knowing how to balance those passions with life outside of the office will contribute to living a healthy life.

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life” 

Once you find that spark and enjoyment in your work, you’ll feel motivated and eager to better yourself. Just think, why do you have a passion for things outside of work? It’s because you enjoy doing, either because it makes you feel good or/and because you’re good at it. 

Ignore the Cultural Pressure

Pursuing a career that you feel passionate about is something of a recent phenomenon and many believe that you have to feel 100% passionate about your work, 100% of the time. That’s not true. Feeling like you have to be 100% happy about everything in your life all the time is simply a cultural pressure. 

On the flipside, some people turn their passion into a career and find that the passion they had before, suddenly goes away. We have to look at the bigger picture and remember how life really works. The biggest thing is to remember is that it’s fine to not always know what you’re passionate about, just pay attention to the small things that make your heart sing and do more of that. 

Finding the Passion

To address the issue, we have to first find where the passion comes from. Passion comes from enjoying what you’re doing, in the moment and being present. In fact, passion can be seen as an energising flow, rather than a stabilising emotion. We can get this energising flow from learning new things or enhancing our skills related to something we’re already good at.

“Pay attention to the small things that make your heart sing and do more of that”

It’s something that you can’t find, but it’s something that develops over time in the career you’re choosing, the job you’re working in or the environment you surround yourself with. For example, your work colleagues and the team you work with could inspire you, which gives you a greater passion to succeed together. 

Passion in Your Work

So how do you find the passion in your work? Experiment. It’s good to be curious and it’s important to follow that curiosity. Ask yourself the question: what do I want to learn about?

Talk to people who are in the position that you want to learn more about and form a relationship with these people. People with the experience that you want to learn more about and the people you want to tap into. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn from peoples first hand experience and more often than not, they’ll be willing to help you.

Passion is a Privilege

Not everyone has the opportunity to turn their passion into a career, especially in today’s uncertain economic times. It’s important to factor in things such as salaries, benefits, colleagues and job security if you’re not self employed. Having these securities helps to give you that extra nudge and freedom to pursue more things that you feel passionate about, whether it’s a skill or a career. 

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