Contapp’s Crypto Coin Announced: Here’s How to Claim Yours

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have all been the craze in the last couple of years. Whether you believe the hype or not, there are lots of experts suggesting that this is the future.

Now you might be thinking, what are the benefits of Contapp introducing a cryptocurrency?

Although there’s certainly scope for this to be a real thing one day, unfortunately now isn’t the right time.

Yes, you’ve been April fooled!

Don’t Go Empty-Handed

Now we feel bad for fooling you. Since you were interested in our Contapp Crypto Coin, we’re giving you the opportunity to join our Early Adopters Programme.

We’ve added some extra spaces from last week’s exclusive offer, so make sure you claim your spot before it’s too late.

Limited spaces are available and the invites will expire as soon as the last space has been claimed.

Save your spot and find out more about the benefits of joining the Early Adopters Programme here.

One for the Future

There was a bit of truth in this April Fools joke. We were actually being serious about a real Contapp crypto coin being introduced one day.

With some conversations happening internally, users will be able to earn whilst networking and using the Contapp platform. This will then convert into real money or credits to use for other business tools and SaaS platforms.

We’re very early stage with this idea, so let’s see how this unfolds.

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