Contapp | Orca 3.0 Software Update – Available Now

Something we’ve all been very excited for and it’s finally here. 

Our biggest and most innovative app update has arrived, you can download the Orca 3.0 update for free on iOS & Android now.

If you already have Contapp downloaded, you can update the app in the app stores, depending on your smartphone settings.


Please update the Contapp app and create your Contapp Cloud account in the app by June 23rd 2021, to ensure you benefit from our new Cloud servers, including improved sharing functionality.

Contapp | Orca 3.0 has been highly anticipated by all of our users and our tech geniuses in the background have been working tirelessly to make sure the app is perfect for launch. Kudos to all the Contapp users who pitched in with ideas/amendments they wanted to see in the Orca 3.0 app update.

What’s New?

Thanks to user feedback, we have built an update which has taken our business tool to a new level, with unique features and extra security layers. Our users have played a key role in this app update, as well as giving their ideas in future updates too.

/out Account

In the event you lose your phone or get a new one, you can sign-in to Contapp to retrieve all your business cards. Backed-up via the Cloud, all information is saved every day, including your business card details, library and settings.

Cloud Backup

All your business card information and library, backed-up every day in our Cloud servers. Never go a day with the thought of losing valuable information or business cards. Compliant with GDPR, all information is saved in two separate servers for extra security.

Biometric ID Entry

To get into Contapp once you close the app, you have the option to activate Face/Fingerprint ID to access the app. This is extremely important to secure your account and to avoid unwanted people getting access to your business information.

Free & Premium Plans

Convenient business tools shouldn’t come at a cost, but sometimes we need more than just the basics. Introducing our free plan, as well as three affordable premium plans; Essential, Professional & Enterprise. 

Click here to see full details of our free & premium plans.

New Side Menu

Additional pages within the app to help users with their profile settings, customer support and making their Contapp experience even easier. Notifications have also been added to the side menu, so you don’t miss out on any exclusive news and benefits.

This is a great addition to get the most out of our business tool and to get support when you need it most. 

Improved Streamlined Sharing

If you want to remotely share your business card with someone (who isn’t face-to-face with you), we’ve made this process easier and more streamlined. Recipients have the option to click a link, which will automatically save your business card to their library.

If the user doesn’t have Contapp, the link will direct them to the App Store to download Contapp. Once downloaded, they can click the link and your card will save in their library.

Walkthrough Screens

If you’re a new Contapp user and you need a bit of guidance on what you can do in Contapp, you will be presented with a few scrollable walkthrough screens. These will outline some of the key features of Contapp for any new user. 

The walkthrough screens are also available to view at any time (click the ‘i’ icon in the top right of the homescreen).

Added Features with Support

We always strive for perfect customer service and continuously look for ways to improve. In the new app update, we have added new support features that can be found in the new side menu on the homepage.

If you find a bug on the app, would like to read FAQ’s, join our Discord community or would contact our friendly team, you can do this all within the app.

Amended UI

With lots of new features and pages being added, some slight UI changes have been made. Updated social media icons, as well as new pages and we have ironed out some minor bugs that users faced prior to the app update.

You may have noticed that the fourth block on the homepage has been changed. This is a temporary change which will direct you to our exciting roadmap. Keep an eye out though, we have something very exciting coming soon that will replace the ‘View Roadmap’ button.

New Website

Here you will see our newly redesigned website which has lots of very interesting content about Contapp, our team and our exciting roadmap. We highly recommend you visiting our website to get a better understanding of our bootstrapped tech startup.

The Launch of Exclusive Programmes

Alongside the launch of Orca 3.0, we also have our exclusive Innovator Programme & Early Adopters Programme going live as well. If you’re already registered to either of these, you will be contacted in due course with an official email from our team. Please add Contapp as a safe sender to make sure you receive the invitation.

The Innovator Programme has been completely filled, which is amazing to see. However, we do still have limited spaces available for our Early Adopters Programme still. 

If you want to take this one-time opportunity, be quick! 

You can find out more about the Early Adopters Programme here.

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