Contapp Features on the “Let’s Talk CRM” Podcast – Listen Now

CRMs are often seen as the heart of any business which involves sales in one form or another. They hold all the most important information from sales, marketing and most importantly, your customers.

Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) can be found in all different sizes, prices and features. Contapp can be seen as a mini CRM as it effectively manages your business card contacts, saved in the Cloud.

Given the nature of our platform, we were excited to be special guests on the Let’s Talk CRM podcast with Neha. 

We spoke about all things CRM and why businesses should seriously consider Contapp to replace printed business cards, whilst performing as a lightweight CRM.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify here.

About the Let’s Talk CRM Podcast

In the Let’s talk CRM podcast, Neha talks to people from different sectors to understand how CRM fits in their sector if they have implemented one. If not, what stops them from implementing one. Neha tries to unfold the complexity that surrounds CRM implementation. 

Being an experienced CRM developer, she also tries to bridge the gap between an idea and the implementation when most of us are stuck with the question “Where to start?”

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