Contapp Debuts in the US on the Big Kat Lounge Podcast

We’ve been grabbing the attention and providing value to users around the world. Something we’re really proud of. Off the back of this publicity, we’ve landed a podcast in the USA for the first time on our startup journey.

It’s a pleasure to share our first podcast feature in the USA, thanks to Kyle from the Big Kat Lounge Podcast! 

Listen to the episode here – Available to listen on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Podcasts and more.

In this episode, we spoke about the many challenges that come with building a bootstrapped tech startup. Plus, how Contapp is making a positive impact on business professionals around the world.

We also touched on some entrepreneurial tips for those new to the startup world and the vision Contapp has for the future.

About the Big Kat Lounge

Big Kat Lounge is a weekly podcast where Big Kat’s come and roar their insight as to how they navigate the ever-changing habitat. The Big Kat Lounge provides an opportunity for everyone to speak what’s on their minds. It’s a gathering of the Biggest Katz. 

We urge you to check out their podcast and listen to their great content from entrepreneurs around the world. Thanks a lot to Kyle Azavedo for being an amazing host and sharing our startup journey with all of his listeners.

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