Celebrating 1 Year of Contapp

‘Appy birthday to Contapp, it’s time to celebrate! Today marks Contapp’s first full year as a tech startup, one year since launching in the App Stores.

Thank you to everyone who’s been part of our startup journey since we launched exactly a year ago today. A special mention goes to our amazing users and the clever tech team who have made this all possible. Kudos to you all!

Our exciting roadmap has only just started, compared to what we have planned for our platform… Don’t miss out on what’s to come. We wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity to grow with our startup.

Here’s to many more years of innovation and conveniently managing business contacts more efficiently, whilst reducing paper waste globally.

Join our startup journey today and download the Contapp app for free today in the Google Play & Apple App Store

The Inspiration Behind Contapp

As our Founders background was a career in Marketing, he went to many exhibitions and events in his time. Coming back to the office with irrelevant printed business cards that would be thrown in his drawer. They would either never be seen again or completely forgot where and what they spoke about when receiving that business card.

So he thought there must be a better way of managing business cards. After searching through the app stores, the quality of apps were hard to use and didn’t really tackle the problem that well. 

Contapp was built for a better and more convenient way of digitally managing printed business cards, whilst tackling the global issue around paper waste. Our exciting roadmap and innovative team are on course to transform Contapp into an all in one, personal business hub. 

Click here to read an interesting and more detailed explanation of why Contapp started.

What’s Next for Contapp’s Roadmap

Part of Contapp’s exciting roadmap is to introduce affordable subscription plans and innovative features to our existing mobile app. The introduction of these new innovative features will take Contapp to the next level in becoming your personal business hub. 

This will transform the Contapp mobile app into a SaaS subscription model, which will bring added value to our users around the world, for a small, competitive fee. Once the new premium plans and innovative features both launch, this will allow us to build a streamlined web CRM platform.

Contapp’s CRM will have powerful integrations from leading software businesses to become an affordable all-in-one SaaS platform.

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