Bringing Smart Innovation to a 15th Century Marketing Tool

Article featured in the Startups Magazine

It’s true, business cards date back to the 1400’s and not much has changed. 600+ years later, the same issues surround printed business cards; sustainability, cost & inconvenience.

A lot can happen in over 600 years. Just look at technology, the way we work, how we travel and how the world communicates with one another.

So, why are you still using printed business cards when Contapp’s modern-day solution ticks all the boxes and more? 

The Digital Solution Ticking All the Boxes

7.2 million trees are destroyed to make business cards and 10 billion are printed every year. 88% are thrown away within a week. This raises many alarm bells.

Business professionals value streamlined management and convenience from any business tool. Contapp is exactly that.

Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of managing & using business card data, whilst reducing paper waste globally.

It’s a digital business card, card scanner & simplified contact manager – all in one. It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are replacing printed cards with Contapp. 

In fact, over 95% of users have rated our platform 5-stars in the App Stores.

We’ve identified the universal problems of printed cards and built a user-friendly platform to maximise the use of that data. Simple management, emphasising convenience.

In short, you’ll be saving time, money and the planet, simultaneously. 

Start now by downloading the app for free on iOS & Android today.