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What’s the Best Way to Organise Contacts on iPhone and Android?

We have lots of contacts stored in our smartphones, some of which we don’t even know who they are or how they got there. It has been said that the average amount of contacts in a person’s contact list on their smartphone is around 472 contacts with every 6th person in the chain (friend of friend) is known to you. 

That may sound like a lot, and it is. But when you consider that this number is generally made up of friends, family, associates, co-workers, business contacts, businesses etc, it soon adds up. Many of us let old numbers, needless duplicates, and unlabeled mystery contacts pile up in our contact list. This makes it harder to find the information we need when we need it. 

So, how can we improve this and what’s the best way to organise contacts on your iPhone or Android device?

Keep It Seperate

People tend to say that you should never mix business with pleasure and in this case, we think they’re right. Making sure your business contacts are separate to your personal contacts is key to maintaining an organised contact list in your smartphone. 

In most cases, there are different needs for these groups of people and sometimes it can be hard to find who you’re looking for. If you’re in a fast-paced working environment, this is even more important to find the right person, at the right time. How many times have you looked down your contact list to find a business contact and got lost in the process? Unfortunately, many people do and that’s because it’s hard to distinguish between the information your smartphone displays in its contact list.

There’s an App for That

There are mobile apps that can help you keep your personal and business contacts separate, but very few of them do more than just organise them. Contapp adds more value to your list of business contacts because it’s a powerful mobile app that is built to display business contacts in a user-friendly interface with intelligent search functions to save you time. 

As a business card scanning app, Contapp will convert your paper business cards into fully interactive digital business cards, helping you manage your new/existing business contacts all in one place, whilst reducing paper waste.

User-friendly Management & Display

Organising contacts in your iPhone and Android device will give you a very limited display, and unless you know the person’s name and number, it can be extremely difficult. Especially if you have multiple people with the same name in a list of 100’s of contacts. 

contapp mobile app user-friendly interface and display

With Contapp, your interactive library will display all the information you need to identify your business contacts immediately. If you take the browsing approach, you can see their profile picture, name, business name, job title or even industry, just by scrolling through your library.

When time isn’t on your side or you want to be more productive, Contapp’s cutting-edge search functionality can save you valuable time by searching by keyword or filtering by information fields such as job title or industry.

To organise your contacts on iPhone and Android even further with the Contapp app, you can create separate groups, which means if you did you want to overlap some personal and business contacts, you could create multiple groups within the app.

Ready to Organise Your Contacts Efficiently?

Join us on our journey and help improve the way we digitally utilise Business Cards and enhance the way you manage your iPhone & Android contacts, in a more convenient and sustainable way. Download Contapp for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and begin a better way to stay organised today.

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