Best of Britain: Contapp Features in the LVGA Newsletter

We’re always keen to work with British businesses that take pride in sustainability and supporting local communities.

In our most recent PR collaboration, we’ve been proudly included in the Lea Valley Growers Association’s monthly newsletter.

You can find us in the January 2022 (Issue 514) publication here, on pages 5-7.

In this issue, you can find:

  • Article: Why Replacing Printed Business Cards with Contapp is Essential for Your Business
  • The sustainable, cost and convenience benefits of Contapp
  • Exclusive offer for LVGA/NFU members

About The Lea Valley Growers Association

As a British built startup, it’s an honour to contribute to this historic association, which has been successfully running since 1911.

The Lea Valley is often described as the Cucumber Capital of Britain or London’s Salad Bowl, producing around 75% of Britain’s Cucumbers, Sweet Peppers & Aubergines.

Ideally situated just 20 miles from Piccadilly Circus in Central London.

500 million Cucumbers & Sweet Salad Peppers are grown every year along with Tomatoes, Aubergines, Lettuce, Herbs, Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Aquatic & Bedding Plants. These are all grown in around 370 acres of glasshouses stretching from London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex & Cambridgeshire to Yorkshire.

Find our more about the LVGA here.

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