9 Ways a CRM Can Be Your Greatest Asset for SMEs & Startups

After speaking to many business owners and business development professionals, it was obvious that a CRM sits at the heart of a company.

Customer Relationship Managers (or CRM software to you and me) hold vital information about your existing and potential customers. This is why they’re so highly regarded by businesses, especially the Marketing & Business Development departments.

Going Beyond the ‘Big Players’

You’ve got your fully-fledged, all bells & whistle CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Zoho and Salesforce. Don’t get me wrong, for large businesses that want the complete CRM benefits, their extensive platforms are great. 

However, most SMEs and Startups would only benefit from 10% of their features. Meaning the prices are well above their budget for what’s needed. CRMs are incredibly important for small businesses, so this gives business owners a tough decision.

What you’re probably thinking now is, what would SMEs and Startups turn to instead? Contapp, of course.

Contapp the Pocket-size CRM

Business professionals often describe Contapp as a stripped-down, mini CRM for your smartphone. Which in effect, is exactly what Contapp is, for the most part. 

If you’re looking for an affordable contact manager with easy search functionalities, Contapp is perfect for your team. One thing Contapp has over CRMs is that our business tool doubles up as an all-in-one digital business card as well. 

So in short, Contapp offers you simplified contact management and everything you need from a digital business card. 

Free & premium plans from just £1.33 per month, per user. Saving you time, money and the planet. 

We’re currently developing powerful integrations with leading software, including the larger CRM platforms and collaboration tools. 

Sounds good, right?

The Value of Having a CRM in Your Pocket

  • Better knowledge of your customers
  • Better customer retention
  • Better and quicker customer communication
  • Better protection of data privacy
  • Better management of your customer data
  • Stores your most valuable asset – customer data
  • All the information about your customers in one place
  • Your entire business card library, at your fingertips (Contapp only)
  • Export your business card contacts as a CSV (Contapp only)

Contapp’s CRM Integrations Coming Soon

Something that’s going to completely change the game is currently being developed by our team.

Launching soon will be Contapp’s integrations page in-app, which will give users the opportunity to integrate their Contapp data with leading software, including CRMs.

Once the development has finished, we will reveal the first CRM platform that will be piloting this new integrations feature. Users will be able to scan a business card via Contapp and have the option to save that data into their CRM dashboard in real-time.

This will then follow on with more CRM integrations, as well as other platforms such as collaboration tools and video platforms.

If you’ve got an existing desktop CRM for your business and you feel you’d benefit from direct integration with Contapp, please let our team know what CRM platform you use.

Ready to Try Our Mini CRM?

Experience the benefits of Contapp as a pocket-sized CRM platform, with all the necessities of an all-in-one business card solution now.

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